Excerpt from T. Dreiser. «Financier»

In the fourteenth year of his life, Frank Cowperwood first embarked on a commercial adventure. One day, walking down front street, street of importing and wholesale companies, he noticed an auction flag above the door of a wholesale grocery store; the voice of the auctioneer was heard from within: — What will I be offered for a batch of excellent Javanese coffee? Wholesale market price today seven dollars thirty-two cents per bag. How much do you give? The party only goes in its entirety. How much do you give? — Eighteen dollars, — shouted the shopkeeper at the door, actually just for that, чтобы положить начало торгам. Frank stopped. — Twenty two, — said another voice. — Thirty, — a third was heard. — Thirty five! — exclaimed the fourth. The price went up to seventy-five dollars, which was less than half of the real cost of coffee.

Пауло Коэльо — Алхимик(аудиокнига) Пауло Коэльо - Алхимик(аудиокнига) 1

Paulo Coelho — Алхимик(audiobook)

Recently read this book, I think it will be useful to get acquainted with it for everyone. “To achieve the embodiment of your destiny is the only true duty of a person… All people, пока они ещё молоды, know their fate… But, over time, a mysterious force is taken to convince them that, that it is impossible to achieve the embodiment of their fate. This power seems to be malevolent, but in reality it indicates to the person that, how to fulfill your destiny. There is one great truth on this planet: when you really want something, you will achieve it, after all, such a desire originated in the soul of the universe". Year: 2003 Genre: artistic lit-ra, философия Тип: аудиокнига Аудио кодек: MP3 Описание: Paulo Coelho — nowadays the most popular writer in the world. «Алхимик» doesn't look like «Jonathan's Seagull» or «Illusion» Ричарда Баха, еще меньше похож он на «Little Prince» Exupery, но почему-то трудно не вспомнить эти сказки-притчи, when you want to say something about «Алхимике». Это притча именно для нашего времени, and not in vain …

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