Blockchain solutions: future and risks. Online conference

$1,76 Trillion should bring the world economy the introduction of blockchain technologies - say PwC analysts. How real is it? We will discuss the future of blockchain at an online conference with international experts 25 November in 11:00. You will learn, how blockchain is used in different areas and is it possible for investors to make money on it.

The first blockchain mutual fund in Russia

A few years ago there was no technology more fashionable than blockchain. Then the blockchain seemed to have faded into the shadows. What's with him now? PwC estimates, to 2030 year, the introduction of blockchain should bring the world economy $1,76 trillion and stimulate creation 40 million jobs.

Mining company Argo Blockchain, listed on the british stock exchange, filed an IPO application

19 August Argo Blockchain, which works in the field of blockchain technologies and specializes in large-scale mining of digital currency, filed an application with the Securities and Exchange Commission to raise up to 75 million dollars. The company is currently listed on the LSE (ARB) and OTCQX (ARBKF)

Ethereum digital currency. What is the coin and why?

What is Ethereum digital currency? Ethereum digital currency (etherium, Ethereum) Is a decentralized electric currency made on the basis of innovative blockchain technology and with the introduction of smart contracts. Ethereum platform is a unique product, on the basis of which any user has the opportunity to create his new online project, Thus, Ethereum goes far beyond the usual digital currency and bypasses its own main rival in terms of multifunctional capabilities - bitcoin. The accepted designation for the exchange ticket of the digital currency Ethereum - ETH. The emergence of the first digital currency bitcoin forever turned the money world upside down, changing a person's perception of currency and foreign exchange transfers.

What's similar to ProgPoW?

ProgPoW - short for "Programmatic Proof-of-Work" ("Programmable confirmation of the implementation of work"), also from time to time a comic version of PorgyPoW is used (from the name of the porg birds from the 5th episode of the movie "Star Wars": the last jedi ") is a refreshed version of the Ethash blockchain consent method.

IBM and London Stock Exchange use blockchain in the securities market

Italian Stock Exchange, division of the London Stock Exchange (LSEG), will join forces with IBM Blockchain, to help European small and medium-sized enterprises gain access to a variety of resources, previously available only to large public companies. This is reported on the LSEG website. According to the developers of the new blockchain platform, small and medium-sized enterprises usually have difficulty accessing capital, as well as difficulties with the issue of shares.

Goldman Sachs Publicly Announces Blockchain Adoption

The attitude of the banking and financial sector elite towards bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has always been wary, if not to say hostile. And although it is too early to talk about any cardinal changes, but, seems to be, industry representatives have significantly softened their views on the application of blockchain technology. One of these days one of the world's leading financial institutions publicly announced the adoption of an innovative technology, Goldman Sachs Bank.

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