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Updated comment system

Haven't blogged for a long time, the time has come to make the modern look of the Disqus comments. I hope everyone will be comfortable. Old comment entries will be returned within 24 hours. I'm waiting for more wishes :)

Spam record — 10 000 for October

This month turned out to be very fruitful for spammers. For 24 of the day spammers managed to write more 10 000 SPAM Comments. Fortunately 99% of them do not pass. Unfortunately, because of this, comments have ceased to be displayed temporarily., but tomorrow I will restore. Так же блог был взломан, I don't know where the vulnerability is, we will dig. Это второй раз взлома, хуже когда было 2 недели DDoS-атаки. And you have a lot of spammers writing ???

Collective Traders' Blog

Site created as habrahabra, but for traders. There are millions of articles and authors on the Internet, but it is very difficult to find really valuable. Therefore, I decided to create a portal where it would be possible to collect high-quality content and interesting authors., appreciated by the public. Collective Traders' Blog — self-moderated community, this means that there are no moderators or administration as such, no censorship. But there are general ratings on the basis of which the general quality system is built. By registering you will be able to comment and directly influence the ratings, moreover, if you have something to share, then we only support and, if necessary, in every possible way support the authors. What topics are welcomed on our site — news, analytics, personal experience, ваши сделки, trading rules, everything related to trading.

How many pros got divorced

I remember when I just started my trade, I really did not have enough information , because there were no bloggers in Russian about NYSE and I started a blog. At first glance, the situation has improved over the past couple of years., there is someone to read and even watch seminars, but these are units, the rest is rubbish. Some even try to write videos with deals and describe them., забавно смотреть как они прячут размер позиции т.к. trade a small volume not exceeding 1000 Shares. Could show :) Большинство кто начинал почему то через год считать себя профессионалами и пытаются продавать свои курсы, But what can he teach a person if he does not fully understand how to trade and only knows the basics?. There are, of course, a couple of people from whom you can learn, they have been in this business for many years and teach not for money, а потому что им нравится передавать свои знания. The rates of a profitable trader cannot cost 100-1000$, если это не ваш друг

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How many a pro divorced

I remember when just starting their trade, I really did not have enough information because bloggers in Russian about the NYSE was not and I started a blog. Over the past few years the situation has improved at first glance, there is someone to read and watch workshops, but this unit, the rest is garbage. Some even try to write a video with the transactions and describe them fun to watch as they hide the size of the position as sell a small amount to no more than 1000 shares. Might show:) Most who started for some reason after a year to consider themselves professionals and are trying to sell their courses, but what he can train a person if not fully understand how to trade and knows only the basics. There are certainly a couple of people from whom you can learn, they are in the business for many

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It seems to be freed

Recently I was very busy and I didn't even have time to sleep., and even more so for the blog. I will try to write in my usual rhythm since Monday and analyze the deals over the past week..

Tomorrow I will edit the TS

It has allready passed 18 months since I published my trading strategy on the blog , she changed a bit and became more detailed. Tomorrow, if I have time to rewrite it as I see it now, whether to keep the old version for history ? Trading strategy for trading on the NYSE

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