Updated conditions for Blackwood trading terminal

Today 25 December and holiday “День благодарения” in USA. The exchanges are closed and you can take a break from trading, By the way, tomorrow is a shortened day. On this wonderful day, I want to tell you good news for those who want to open an account on NYSE. We have changed the prices for the trading terminal for the better. Все клиенты подключены БЕСПЛАТНО напрямую к выделенным серверам Dimension Brokerage LCC, что дает качество и стабильность работы. We are not going to create our own servers, in order to economize, but sacrifice the quality of communication and execution of orders, freezing orders and other technical problems. Cost of access to the Blackwood trading platform – $75 per month. With a monthly turnover of more than 100,000 (ста тысяч) shares, the cost of access to the platform is $35 per month. With a monthly turnover of more than 250,000 (two hundred fifty thousand) shares access to the platform is provided free of charge.

Blackwood Pro trading platform

Blackwood Pro Trading Platform Blackwood Pro trading platform is one of the most popular trading systems of day traders around the world. Today it is one of the most modern programs, which has a user-friendly interface and high reliability and the ability to quickly receive all the most necessary information. This system provides real-time quotes, provides data visualization and technical analysis tools and many other tools for obtaining and processing market data. Platform capabilities: This system provides real-time quotes, provides data visualization and technical analysis tools, real-time news, and many other means of obtaining and processing market data.

Разница в депозитах

As it is not customary to trade on the MICEX with such a small deposit of only 10 000 rub. , а на NYSE 500 000 $ all in 1500 times more )))))) Feeling like trading on a demo account, the pluses are not hot not cold. Okay, it will increase over time. А пока надо учится на своих ошибках.

First day at MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange)

Today was the first day I traded on the MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange) In the beginning sat dealing with the terminal compared to Blackwood for the USA , the terminal from Alora is very wooden and not convenient, Alpha – the direct is the same. I don’t know how traders in Russia trade on them and even earn money, maybe a matter of habit. It is especially bad that windows cannot be taken out of the program., the menu is not very good. The most that killed, this is an inverted glass ))) You cannot see the movement of the stock for the previous days, I had to look at the MICEX website. Поторговал Газпром и Лукойл. Gazprom is not very adequate, Lukoil is smoother and more beautiful. Out of habit, I opened in the wrong direction a couple of times, averaged instead of covering, not used to the terminal yet. In the beginning, he began to go into negative territory and lost -0.5% , but at the opening of the United States fought back in +0.1% , although he sent an order to the market and did not give mine +0.4 to the depot ) …

First day at MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange) Read more

Hot Keys. Hotkeys and their use in day trading

Hot Keys ( Hotkeys ) – this is a set of keys, for which the most demanded functions of the program are programmed. They allow you not to "rummage" in the program menu, and perform a series of procedures with one click, which require the fastest execution. In day trading, hotkeys, will allow you to be faster than those, who doesn't use them. And with enough dexterity, it will make your trading lightning fast. In a quick promotion, you don't have time to click on many buttons., aim at them and so on ... in this case, the stack will simply leave you and you will not have time to enter-exit at a good price.

Question – Answer from a practicing trader Good_trade

That would not answer by 100 times on 1 the same question, you can ask it in this post, and I will post the answer to it. So we will save our time ... Decided to renew this section, so I will be glad to new comments. What trading platform are you using? IB Trader Workstation (TWS), RT PRO Fusion (Blackwood ), Takion, GT Web, Laser, Sterling PRO, THAT, Lightspeed, ROX, GrayBox, Aurora, MultiCharts

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