CoinShares: an unprecedented flow of venture capital flows into cryptoassets

Bitcoin is back in the spotlight in early August, showing the largest one-day gain in the past six weeks, after spread (obviously, false) rumors, that by the end of the year, Amazon will accept crypto payments, says Frank Spiteri, director of revenue at CoinShares. Continue reading “CoinShares: беспрецедентный поток венчурных средств поступает в криптоактивы”

CoinShares: an unparalleled flow of venture capital flows into cryptoassets

Bitcoin attracted a lot of attention again at the beginning of August, showing the largest one-day gain in the past 6 weeks, after spread (Certainly, unfaithful) rumors about it, that by the end of the year, Amazon will accept crypto payments, says CoinShares Chief Revenue Officer Frank Spiteri. Continue reading “CoinShares: беспримерный поток венчурных средств поступает в криптоактивы”

More 40 German banks intend to become bitcoin custodians

According to the German Federal Financial Supervision Authority (BaFin), already more 40 banks are interested in obtaining a license for cryptocurrency depository services, reported by Handelsblatt. Continue reading “Более 40 немецких банков намерены стать биткоин-кастодианами”

Termination of service to the main Bitcoin network: the developer named possible scenarios

10 February on the YouTube channel ForkLog was held the next issue of the rubric "Bitcoinization", the guest of which was bitcoin developer Gleb Naumenko. Release topic - technology, which will change the bitcoin network already in 2020 year.

ForkLog editors chose the most interesting moments from the stream. Continue reading “Прекращение обслуживания основной сети биткоина: разработчик назвал возможные сценарии”

Justin Sun said, that Tron is a shitcoin

This is not a deepfake: TRON founder Justin Sun in a conversation with the host of the popular podcast about bitcoin Peter McCormack called his cryptocurrency shitcoin.

"Buy my shitcoin", - said Sun.

According to Peter McCormack's tweet, Tron CEO paid nothing for this interview or even lent him a private jet.. Continue reading “Джастин Сан сказал, что Tron — это шиткоин”

What determines the future of bitcoin

What is the reason for the recovery of the bitcoin rate and who can put pressure on the reference cryptocurrency.

Whether you want it or not, but the world, including its financial component, experiencing a new wave of digitalization. This time the process is based on blockchain and, of course, cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that many countries have already recognized Bitcoin as an asset, the fight against digital coins isn't just going on, but goes to the next level. As they say, if you can't kill the enemy, then beat him in the competition. This is the principle that major central banks have followed., starting to develop our own digital currencies.

Continue reading “От чего зависит будущее биткоина”

How i lost 1000 $ на ICO

Я люблю вкладывать свободные деньги в рискованные проекты.

Но пока мне особо не везет. For example, once i invested 50 000R в краудинвестинг и чуть было их не потерял.

После этого в краудинвестинге я разочаровался, но желание вложить деньги во что-то рисковое и прибыльное осталось. Я увлекаюсь информационными технологиями, that's why, когда услышал про криптовалюты и ICO, Decided: need to invest.

At one time, I bought a whole bitcoin for 22 thousand rubles and sold for 44 thousands. 100% прибыли казались хорошим результатом, but when the price of bitcoin exceeded 1 million, я кусал локти. It seemed, что рост продолжится и я успею заработать — поэтому и вложился в ICO. Но не успел.

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Results of the Cryptomarket 2018 of the year : the most important events of the outgoing year

2018 the year has become difficult for the cryptocurrency market. Cost records, sharp corrections, временная стабилизация рынка – все это заставляло как критиков, and adherents of cryptocurrencies with interest to watch what is happening. Что важного произошло на рынке в 2018?

Banks against cryptocurrencies

Already at the beginning 2018 years, traditional financial institutions began to limit the opportunities for market participants. Many banks from different countries began to refuse to service the accounts of cryptocurrency companies. Besides, Visa payment system stopped serving large European cryptocurrency companies. Ordinary customers of many banks have lost the ability to buy digital assets using payment cards. Such a ban was introduced by the largest banks from the USA, Uk, Canada and Australia.

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Correlation between cryptocurrency and traditional market

Considered, that one of the key advantages of cryptocurrencies as an investment is the lack of correlation with most other asset classes. Is it so now, later 10 years after the emergence of bitcoin (Bitcoin)?

Bitcoin investment analysis relies on many factors, but the most important of them is just the price, volatility and correlation with other asset classes. Wherein, if a lot is written about the price and volatility of bitcoin, much less attention is paid to correlation, and in vain, Considering, how important is correlation analysis for investors, using crypto assets to diversify their portfolios.

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What's there crypto?

Yes, I did the operation, there was no time for crypto the truth is, in recent months, everything has merged down very noticeably, what aether (ETH), what ripple (XRP), what bitcoin (BTC). And in general, the entire cryptocurrency market is experiencing a notable fall this year (correction?), but it's not over yet.

Can, certainly, try to figure it out, why it happens, but with my knowledge of cryptocurrency, I can hardly generate anything reasonable.

But I can tell you how I look at cryptocurrencies. For me, a cyberpunk fan and a hacker in general in life (let's laugh here together), it's like a piece of a dream, such a kind of revolution and freedom. Think how cool it would be to pay with cryptocurrency for food, maybe not bypassing the entire financial system, because. the store still needs to report to the state in the form of taxes, but everything is virtual, transparent, without intermediate financial institutions. After all, this can lead to a greater spread of small businesses., and not tied to the entire current bureaucracy. Here's a simple example: you walk down the street and buy coffee from a dude or flowers from a gardener, at the same time, both parties are not tied to anyone other than themselves. On the other hand, such services will have to be accepted at your own risk and rist., because. where there is no regulation - there should theoretically be more scammers and other deceptions. On the other hand, if you tie it all to the service sector, it may be good - for example, заплатить фрилансеру за его дневную работу сотню verge of coins or give ten xrp coin за новую крутую прическу.

So far, the truth is straining the cost of electricity to maintain this entire infrastructure., but aren't we heading towards renewable energy? I really hope, what are we going. Think how cool it would be to arrange in your garden monero coin farm or bitcoin master node in the wind and sun! But maybe in the foreseeable future!

It's a stream of thoughts out loud, don't take my thoughts seriously. Just wondering where the crypto revolution will lead in the end. Personally, I really like this twist., and technology, as if from any cyberpunk worlds.