Marathon Digital Review: again about bitcoin

Marathon Digital Review: again about bitcoin

Marathon Digital (NASDAQ: MARA) - American company, which is engaged in bitcoin mining on an industrial scale. At the moment, the business occupies a leading position among competitors in terms of hashrate, that is, the total computing power, needed to create new blocks and receive rewards in the Bitcoin network. Continue reading “Обзор Marathon Digital: снова про биткоин”

On the first day of operation, the Bitcoin ETF from VanEck attracted only $9,6 million

Фьючерсный VanEck Bitcoin Strategy ETF (XBTF) started working in conditions of market correction and this did not have a very favorable effect on its results

On the first day of trading, XBTF was sold 38 398 shares and the final price was $59,73 per share. According to VanEck, at the close of trading, the ETF had assets under management in the amount of $9,6 million.

VanEck's application for a spot Bitcoin ETF was rejected on Friday, and Kyle DaCruz, the company's director of digital asset products, was disappointed with the decision.:

“We were disappointed with the Bitcoin spot ETF decision and still consider it the best product.. but, despite this decision, it is important for us to bring a regulated bitcoin exchange-traded fund to the market "

According to him, VanEck intends to continue work on bringing the spot product to the market, but doesn't know yet, when can it happen. VanEck's Bitcoin ETF currently has two competitors.

Proshares Bitcoin Strategy ETF First Futures Product (BITO) attracted record-breaking $1,1 billion and since then has been stable at the level $1,05 billion. Launched three days later Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BTF) has under management about $50 million.

VanEck ETFs have two advantages over their competitors: lower commissions (0,65 basis points versus 0,95 in BITO and BTF) and the structure of C-Corp, carry-over (i.e, if the ETF ends the year with a loss, they can be carried over and deducted from the profits of the next year, enabling investors to use past losses to reduce taxes, which they will pay for future profits).

The SEC is in no hurry to approve complex products for bitcoin

Although US regulators have approved futures ETFs for bitcoin, more complex funds, based on derivatives, have not yet received regulatory approval. Continue reading “SEC не спешит с одобрением сложных продуктов на биткоин”

Galaxy assets grow amid growth of Canadian ETF on Ethereum

Last month Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. Cryptomillionaire Michael Novogratz Receives The Largest Cash Flow In History, as Bitcoin and Ethereum hit historic highs. Continue reading “Активы компании Galaxy растут на фоне роста канадского ETF на Ethereum”

BlockFi joins the race for a spot Bitcoin ETF

BlockFi has submitted a proposal to the SEC for approval of a spot-traded bitcoin fund (ETF)

According to S-1 form, BlockFi NB Bitcoin ETF Will Trade On The New York Stock Exchange And Own Bitcoins. The application was submitted in accordance with the Securities Law 1933 of the year. Continue reading “BlockFi присоединилась к гонке за спотовый биткоин-ETF”

Trader named the top 5 altcoins for investment at the end 2021 of the year

Cryptocurrency trader Aaron Arnold noted the top 5 crypto assets, which are ready for rapid growth at the end of this year.

First on his list is Polkadot (DOT) Continue reading “Трейдер назвал топ-5 альткоинов для инвестиций в конце 2021 года”

Regulators are expected to approve more than 40 cryptocurrency ETFs

Against the background of setting new exchange rate records for BTC and ETH, the demand for digital assets from investors is growing and fund managers are making every possible effort., what to satisfy him

According to Bloomberg Intelligence analyst James Seifart, currently over 40 cryptocurrency funds or ETFs awaiting listing in the US. Continue reading “Одобрения от регуляторов ожидают более 40 криптовалютных ETF”

Ark Katie Wood allows herself to buy Canadian bitcoin ETFs

Ark Investment Management Katie Wood allows one of her funds to invest in Canadian bitcoin ETFs, for the reason that, that the management company is looking for new ways to bet on digital assets. Continue reading “Ark Кэти Вуд разрешает себе покупать канадские биткоин-ETF”

Who are hodlers?

Imagine, что Вы заходите в самолёт и перед Вами стоит выбор – пойти налево, to the cockpit or to the right, to the salon. There are many buttons and levers in the cockpit, control over the situation. But you need to learn aerobatics for many years.. Comfortable seats in the cabin, porthole, table for food or magazine. Continue reading “Кто такие ходлеры?”

Types of cryptocurrency. Part 1.

Криптовалюта – это цифровые активы, which is not expressed in paper money and exists only in electronic form. It is a mathematical code, protected by a special cryptographic technology, Signature. Hence the name of this digital money.. Continue reading “Виды криптовалюты. Часть 1.”