Binary options

Стратегии для бинарных опционов Стратегии для бинарных опционов 1

Binary Options Strategies

Список лучших и точных стратегий для бинарных опционов по разным срокам, рекомендации как создать собственную стратегию и с какими инструментами. Some strategies require the installation of the Metatrader terminal and corresponding indicators. Instructions here. Look for strategies for binary options? You have already found them. The links below provide 150 indicator and non-indicator strategies for BO, sorted by timeframes. Strategies for working with news are described separately.

Что это такое опционы – Колл (Call) и Пут (Put) Что это такое опционы – Колл (Call) и Пут (Put)? 4

What are options - Call (Call) and Put (Put)?

There are two types of options on the market now — call (Call) and Put (Put). And it is with them that all transactions on the options market are made.. They are similar in their properties., but act exactly the opposite in relation to each other. Options were originally created for hedging, that is, minimizing losses from an asset price movement up or down. And this is where the main difference between Call and Put options lies..

Streaming Day Trading trades on the NYSE, NASDAQ — live show

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Learning to work with binary options

One of the most popular types of investment is binary options trading. Unlike other ways to increase wealth, here participants do not need to invest large sums of money, the minimum transaction amount is only 90 rubles. Binary Options is a prediction about, how the asset price will behave: increase or decrease. No matter, by how many points has the value dropped or increased, you just need to predict the direction. Assets are securities, currency, indices, goods (gold, coffee and more). How risky is it? Trading binary options is considered a rather risky investment tool, however, you can get considerable profit, especially, when it comes to working with a professional broker. One of the most popular brokers in Russia is the Moscow company Binex. Its specialists have developed a number of tools, allowing you to make more accurate predictions. These graphs, pivot tables and statistical data are available to all users on the website , Besides, those who wish can use the consulting service, operating in 24/7. Attention to the political and economic situation in …

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Binary options and their advantages

Binary options are often referred to as all-or-nothing options. This is quite reasonable considering, that their specific feature is, that depending on certain conditions, agreed in advance, or provides a certain strictly fixed income, or does not bring anything at all. This payment is carried out regardless of the degree of price change., both upward, and in the direction of decreasing. At all, торговля бинарными опционами в определённой степени напоминает игру в рулетку. But don't overestimate what has been said, because the share of strategy here is also very significant. Instead of numbers in red and black fields, in the case of options, one has to deal with the prices of financial instruments. Если Вы, for example, делаете ставку на то, that in an hour the price of a pair of two currencies will be below a certain mark and you are right, you get your entire stake back and get a fixed percentage on top. Here's the thing., how much will you lose if you lose, directly depends on the previously agreed conditions. Not …

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