TV series Billions-Billions

Billions is Showtime's Financial Drama, which boasts such dynamism and provocation, which you will not find in some action films. The show's creators focused on powerful casting, biting dialogues and exciting intrigues of the world of big money - just as dangerous, how tempting. Despite, that TV shows of this kind do not contain an abundance of epic shootings and spectacular chases, adrenaline in Billions literally oozes from the screens, there is nothing more fun, than watching the game of two extraordinary minds, two geniuses, whose intelligence and capabilities can harm the opponent more effectively than any weapon. The confrontation of the main characters - a daring billionaire and a principled prosecutor - the creators of the show showed so merciless, realistic and mesmerizing, as if it's not a financial drama unfolding before us, a real bullfight in the luxurious scenery of Wall Street.