Something about the subconscious. Conflicts

When you have a psychological conflict, in your best interest to resolve it as soon as possible. One hundred years ago, Freud said, but modern cognitive psychologists have shown that there are limits of psychological energy, which can spend consciousness. The more you leave the problems unsolved, the more of them accumulate “and the less psychological energy on their decision. When the problem is left unsolved, it is very likely that conflicts will arise when you least expect them. Do not sneak up behind each unresolved conflict to influence behavior, but it would be wise to make sure that you are free from the psychological conflicts. Do you have unresolved conflicts on the other side of consciousness? Studies have shown that such conflicts are difficult to ignore and pretend that they do not exist. Now you need to combine beneficial aspects of their favorite techniques and devised options. As a combination of methods, make sure you do not create a conflict within the system – for example, some models, potentially having more than one meaning or signal. Typically, you will come across such situations. In these cases, you should find out what factors cause conflict and or eliminate one or more reasons or to add another rule to his method, which will block the conflict. Continue reading “Something about the subconscious. Conflicts”

How to become more ambitious

Successful traders have a strong motivation to achieve goals. Kouchery and experienced traders have long noticed that the best results in the trade are making those relatively early in his life set a goal to succeed. These are people who have persistence in achieving goals. They are not easily give up their ideas. They operate on the verge of the possible, accumulate experience, until they reach the highest level of skill. In this process it produces a stone with confidence. They do all this so quickly and independently as possible. If your goal is to achieve financial success, it is in your best interest to show the zeal to achieve the goal. Continue reading “How to become more ambitious”