Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway share price overcame $200 thousand.

Berkshire Hathaway share price, controlled by American billionaire Warren Buffett, broke a record $200 Thousand Berkshire recorded investment income in the last quarter at the level of $1,963 млрд Стоит отметить, that eight years ago the share price exceeded $100 thousand 24 October 2006 of the year, $50 thousand. – 29 January 1998 of the year, $10 thousand. 16 november 1992 of the year. but, first frontier in $100 the share price overcame in the distant 1977 year. Sharp growth in trading on Thursday, as a result of which the value of securities increased by 0,6% or $1258, was provided with good quarterly data. According to the company's press release, the company's net profit in April-June amounted to $6,395 billion, or $3889 per class "A" share, compared to $4,541 billion, or $2763 per share, received for the same period last year.

Warren Buffett proposes 1 billion dollars for 63 guessed match

В то время как внимание большей части Америки приковано к американскому футболу и его игрокам, Warren Buffett (one of the richest and most successful investors in the world) задумал кое-что интересное в мире баскетбола По сообщениям журнала Forbes, Buffett partnered with Dan Gilbert with Berkshire Hathaway, founder of Quicken Loans (largest online loan company). So here, billionaires offer to play an interesting game: that man, who will guess the outcome of all 63 games in the upcoming March varsity basketball championship (NCAA men’s college basketball tournament), will receive neither more nor less 1 billion dollars.

What to give a trader for a holiday?

Издание Business Insider подготовило список подарков (and for a different pocket), which will delight the investor and trader. Антикварный биржевой стенд Dow Jones Много лет назад, before there was Yahoo! Finance, people learned about quotes through the exchange machine. Any investor will be delighted to receive a Dow Jones antique stand as a gift., which will be a wonderful decoration of the office. The cost: from $500 to $800 on the auction. «Разумный инвестор» Бенджамин Грэхем считается отцом-основателем оценочного инвестирования. At Columbia University, Graham was a Warren Buffett professor. This book should be on the shelf of every investor.. The cost: $16. Биржевой телеграфный аппарат Edison Это еще один антикварный предмет, which investors used many years ago. The stock ticker is the first telegraphic device for broadcasting stock quotes, which was invented by Thomas Edison in 1870 G. Information about quotes was printed on a paper tape by punching holes on it. The cost: from $5 thousand. to $7 thousand. on the auction.   Денежное дерево Подарите удачу вместе с денежным деревом. …

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Ticker symbol

A stock symbol or ticker symbol is a short abbreviation used to uniquely identify publicly traded shares of a particular stock on a particular stock market. A stock symbol may consist of letters, numbers or a combination of both. “Ticker symbol” refers to the symbols that were printed on the ticker tape of a ticker tape machine. U.S stock symbol history In the United States, modern letter-only ticker symbols were developed by Standard & Poor’s (S&P) to bring a national standard to investing. Previously, a single company could have many different ticker symbols as they varied between the dozens of individual stock markets. The term ticker refers to the noise made by the ticker tape machines once widely used by stock exchanges. The S&P system was later standardized by the securities industry and modified as years passed. Stock symbols for preferred stock have not been standardized.

Day trading for 3 november

During this day, there was only one trade that could bring a good profit.. News came out on BNI : Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway Inc. buys 77,4% shares of the railway company Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. (BNI) by price $100 per share, reported in a Berkshire press release. The remaining stake in the company is already owned by Berkshire. In this way, сделка оценивается в $44 billion, including BNI debt of $10 billion, and is Berkshire's largest acquisition in its history.

Daytrading – November 3

During the day there was only one deal that could bring a good profit. ON BNI left news: Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway Inc. buys 77.4% stake in railroad company Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. (BNI) at $ 100 per share, reported in the press release, Berkshire. The remaining stake in the company already owned by Berkshire. Thus, the transaction is valued at $ 44 billion, including debt of BNI in the amount of $ 10 billion, and is for Berkshire’s largest acquisition in its history.

Wall Street's most influential people

Internet publishing published its ranking of the most influential people in the United States in various fields of activity (Government, Finance, Medicine, Industry, The property). Нас, of course, interested in the section Finance, which we'll talk about. Below is a list of the most influential people on and around Wall Street.. Of people, determining the life of exchanges and investors' income. We should at least in general outline, что они из себя представляют, what issues they are concerned about and what they propose to change. Ллойд Бланкфейн (Lloyd Blankfein), CEO, Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs – one of those finance companies, that survived the Wall Street crisis and became stronger because of it. 55-year old former tax lawyer Blankfein was the first of all investment company heads to return the money taken from the government during the crisis ($10 billion). This allowed Goldman Sachs to get rid of excess state control., including for salaries and bonuses of employees. At all, Blankfein's main task now was not to make a profit (the company does it very well), а отбивание атак государства

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The most influential people on Wall Street

A year ago, with the markets and the economy in meltdown, the SmartMoney Power 30 was full of the usual cast of government giants and Wall Street heavyweights: Bernanke, Geithner, Buffett. But as we move to a new phase, a time of slow but seemingly steady recovery, some of the biggest players might seem more on the fringe—academics, advisers, even a lobbyist. What follows is a mix of the famous and not-so-famous, all trying to make sure in their own way that the Great Recession turns into the Great Recovery. Lloyd Blankfein CEO, Goldman Sachs It was one thing to take a big investment from Warren Buffett in the heat of the financial meltdown, but Uncle Sam? Better to keep him at a distance. That’s the not-so-subtle message from Goldman (GS: 185.57*, +0.07, +0.03%), which has emerged as one of Wall Street’s strongest survivors of the financial crisis. Blankfein, a …

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