Take incompetent

Take his incompetence to be the premier trader, you need to clearly understand their own limitations. But most novice traders do not know. For example, a behavioral economist Dr. Terrance Odean found that online investors tend to trade beyond their experience. They have no accurate picture of what they can and can not do. Such a distorted exaggeration of abilities is not characteristic only for traders. This is a widespread phenomenon. Studies show that when you are trying to assess how well your activity Trader-beginner, your intuition is better not to trust. Continue reading “Take incompetent”

Does the past to the future?

Trading in the real world often requires that you are focused on getting immediate experience to a greater extent than their past mistakes. Did you suffer losses, one after the other or you just tortured fears about the past? The following short quiz will help you understand the answer to this question.

To what extent do you agree with each of the more opinions?

If you completely disagree with this or any other matter for discussion, then write yourself 1 point if you simply do not agree with statements, note 2 points. If you generally agree, write yourself 3 points. If you fully agree record 4 points. Now define its position on the following judgments: Continue reading “Does the past to the future?”