Multicharts trading platform — description (download)

MultiCharts is the most innovative trading platform, aimed at advanced users. It appeared on the market relatively recently., however, has already managed to capture fame in the professional environment, thanks to its own extended functionality. MultiCharts is based on the idea to give a person just such a working tool, which would be convenient for him. The main focus is on customization - if the trader understands exactly, what he wants to get from the trading platform, in MultiCharts he will be able to implement this, using a powerful system of options. Depending on the purpose of trading, this flexibility allows you to use the program as in intraday trading, as well as for long-term investment.

Cloud hosting on windows for backtesting and launching robots

While a super robot is being created, which by the way shows not bad results on the US stock exchange(NYSE,NASDAQ,AMEX) which I will not tell anything about, there was one big problem — backtesting and processing power. I want to share so far the best service that I have found replacing Amazon servers - ActiveCloud I have been looking for a normal VPS or a cloud on Windows for a very long time, with good processing power, but almost everywhere they give 4 kernels. I needed a lot more and for a reasonable price. Before that, there was amazon option to use, but there it goes into 2 times more expensive. Here's a PC with 16 CPU и 20 RAM will only cost about 30 rubles per hour(You can turn off the machine, when not needed). While everything is fine, the manager called me on the phone once in a month 3 and technical support is operational. Plus give a test period. Installing Windows after registration takes 5-10 minutes and you can start.

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