Bear Stearns

Great financial scandals

The case of Bernard Madoff was a real bombshell for the media. The biggest financial scandal in recent years. Person, who was fully trusted, in fact, turned out to be an ordinary fraudster. Truth, the word "ordinary" is not quite right here. Though, Madoff's scams amount to about 65 billion dollars. However, Madoff is not alone. There are many examples of financial fraud in history. How large, talked about all over the world, and very small, which have not even outgrown the local level. Today we will talk about the largest financial fraud in history.. Чарльз Понци Год, when it became known to the public: about 1920 Примерные потери: 20 million dollars (adjust for time, then it was a lot)

MOC in the style of Bear Stearns

Yesterday (1 June 2009) come out buy MOC, everything is as usual. Everything is slowly going up, but for 5 minutes before the close, a huge seller comes in and just pushes JPM down by 1 dollars. And after him the whole market goes down, there was nothing to be done in time. I was very lucky, what i didn't do, but who was in Long had to be tight. Bear Stearns did this last time, when I turned over all the Imbalances and buried everyone with prints.

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