NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 03.10.2016

● Крушение биржи Саудовской Аравии продолжается ● Американский автопроизводитель Tesla Motors Co. sold in the III quarter 24,5 thousand. electric vehicles – on 70% more, than in the II quarter, and twice as much, than in the III quarter 2015 G. (11,58 thousand. auto). Минувший квартал стал рекордным для Tesla по объему продаж ● Apple оштрафована на $300 million for FaceTime. Court sentenced, that Apple violated the rights to two VirnetX patents: one of them refers to the FaceTime application used for video calls, the second - to the system of individual delivery of television programs and films to the subscriber via the digital network (VoD).

Boeing – The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA, TYO: 7661) - one of the world's largest manufacturers of aviation, space and military technology. Headquartered in Chicago (Illinois, USA). Boeing is the world's leading aerospace corporation and the largest manufacturer of passenger aircraft. In addition, Boeing develops and manufactures military helicopters., electronic and defense systems, rockets, satellites, modern information and communication systems. Boeing is a leader in missile defense, manned space flights and spacecraft launch services. The company also provides a range of various support and after-sales services for aircraft.

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