Shenzhen stock exchange (Shenzhen Stock Exchange — SZSE)

ШЭНЬЧЖЭНЬСКАЯ ФОНДОВАЯ БИРЖА — фондовая биржа в Китае, located in Shenzhen city. Is a non-profit organization managed by the PRC Securities Commission. Started work 1 December 1990 of the year, becoming the first stock exchange in the history of New China. Stocks of state-owned companies are mainly traded on the exchange.. IN 1990 году молодая Шэньчжэньская фондовая биржа пережила спокойный период, hot period, dead period and fall. Two years later “stock history” вызвала самую бурную лихорадку покупки акций на китайском фондовом рынке.Шэньчжэньская фондовая биржа (Shenzhen Stock Exchange — SZSE) is a member of the Federation of Stock Exchanges of Asia and Oceania.