read again about endlessly auto-maker in China

подумалось, that in China there are about 2p more families in cities (rough estimate). if we continue being rude, then in China it should be 2p. more cars, than in the US. which means it should work out somewhere 360 car per person. which means the number of cars per person in China, will be somewhere in the 3p below, than in the USA. итого, China will need not 1 yard. new cars up to the US level, but in total 300 lyamov. considering by what year the standard of living in China should grow to the level of the United States, China's car market is already slightly hyper-optimistic.

the numbers are very rude. just think in this direction.
when correcting the numbers, there may be a difference at times)

welcome to the real world

this is how car sales in Germany and the USA look like.
аннуализированные. in the USA the seasonality is removed, remained in Germany.
not so everything in Germany is really good..

but this is what it looks like, к чему (maybe, I don’t insist)
we need to prepare.



auto: delisting continues))

вслед за with the exception of Volkswagen из Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 Index,
now already Volvo exclude из DJ STOXX NORDIC Select Dividend 20 Index.

not just a Volvo, namely class B shares.
don't ask, I have no idea why they have both A and B.

Really, exclusion from the dividend index, it's not that at all, that the exclusion from the main regional. all in all, a reason to buy some Volvo))

красным – VW, синим – Volvo.

two more words about cars

1) This is what Ford's long-term chart looks like..

2) Volkswagen removed from Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 Index (pufflinks). Volkswagen AG (Germany, Automobiles & Parts, VOW.XE) will be replaced by Unibail-Rodamco S.A. (France, Real Estate (!!!!!), UL.FR). And this is the same Volkswagen, which at some point was the most expensive company in the world.)) (if I'm not mistaken, I mean shortcuts).

Ford vs Toyota Motors

there has always been only one American car brand for me. of course it's Ford. все остальное – these are the characters of the lost war to the Japanese, the symbol of the slick fifties and the opposite of Woodstock. this is all purely personal, but, IMHO, only Ford is a kind of holistic brand. By the way, it is no coincidence that Ford’a had a jaguar and still has a Volvo. the same integrity of striving for beauty.

I also always liked that, that Ford lost to itself to a greater extent, чем конкурентам. glory times, eclipse times. success models and failure models. everything for real throughout history. when Churchill spoke, that victories are temporary, and defeats are not fatal, it seems it was about Ford'e)))

помимо того, what glad, that the company did not follow GM and showed everyone Kuzkin's mother, it is still not clear what will happen a little later. the market price is an interesting alignment. все мы знаем, what is Toyota's problem, it's not only technical problems, it is rather a systemic crisis of ideas and solutions, well, or the beginning of the crisis. which is nice, this is what, that the company's problems are its own problems. твои проблемы- you and the cards in hand.

in general, the confrontation will be interesting.

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