10 years trades within the day, making several trades per day, while living «off the market».

In this issue, we encourage readers to get acquainted with the trader, who has more years 10 trades within the day, making several trades per day, while living «off the market».He spoke about the pros intradeya, as well as its main trade rules that spectacular instructive. Sinedza Michael received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. In 1999, Michael switched to trading, which from that time is the only source of income. In 2003, he started a blog on his website,, offering daily commentary to the market and educational materials.

Of course the American teacher for 10 000 $

Caring for the trader — a wise and timely to speculate, keeping losses small, be prepared to quickly reach and maximize profits by not staying too long in one place, that is, to the point where he will give more than a small percentage of what has already been received.

Exclusive Interview: Trader and Financial Journalist Eric Bolling

Eric Bolling has had an exciting career. He has been a professional trader, he helped launch Fast Money, and now he is a star on FOX Business. Despite all these intense jobs, Eric has managed to create a special relationship with his son. I caught up with Eric before Happy Hour to hear more about his career path and his advice for the younger generation … Damien Hoffman: Eric, how did you start your transition from trader to financial journalist? Eric: I helped launch Fast Money and really loved it. I had fun sitting on the Fast Money panel talking about trading, teaching people how to make money, and teaching people how not to loose money — those are two completely different things.

I am not a pessimist — I am a realist

«I’m sure that Amazon in the next month will rise considerably,» said Tom to his friend Fred during the coffee break. «Why do you think so?» Skeptically asked Fred. Tom says: «in next month’s classes begin, but students and teachers need to buy books, it should increase sales, and hence the share price.» Fred retorts: «Maybe, but it might not be so easy. This is just one of many possible factors, but the price may depend on a number of other reasons that you probably missed. Disillusioned little support for his friend, Tom yells, «You’re such a pessimist.»

How to get rid of the burden of emotions

All last year, Bob sold. He was still a beginner, but has already made hundreds of deals. Today, it is long on Intel. He has a plan. He manages risk. This deal in no way stands out among his other positions. There is no reason to somehow distinguish this deal, but somehow it still stands. It is not certain that he can now trade. He wondered why he continues to trade. He thinks: «Do I like all this? What is the purpose?» What I want to achieve as a whole? » In this transaction, right now, Bob is excessive emotional burden. He went into the usual deal and made her a symbol of the picture, gave her a profound meaning. Rob examines what it is that this deal means to him. Most traders are advised to take off, when there are similar thoughts.

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