Ten tips for beginners

Since stock trading is an entrepreneurial profession, which requires, so you risk your money, to make money, it is worth adhering to a rational conservative approach in relation to the markets. Following are some tips for traders, who are preparing to plunge into the pool of trade — with our main focus on preserving capital (and reason), and not because, to get rich quicker. 1. Don't rush to trade. Markets will exist tomorrow, next week, next year and next decade. Не беспокойтесь о том, what, while doing testing and mock trading without real money, you can miss the movement, once in a lifetime. There are always opportunities somewhere — вы ничего не теряете, investing your time in education and training. 2. Don't trade for no reason. Когда вы, finally, start trading, don't trade just because, What do you feel, what should do it, or out of boredom, or under the influence of a gust. Risk your money, only when you see the facts, confirming the existence of a favorable trading opportunity, …

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Emotional literacy: manage emotions and increase profits

“When one door closes, another one opens; but we so often, for so long and with such regret we look at the closed door, that we do not see those, that open up for us ”. — Alexander Graham Bell Successful investors and traders know the pain of regret. They looked at the closed door, probably repenting, what did not buy Dell in 1993 or that didn't short the NASDAQ in April 2000. Сожаление — psychological pain, which comes, when you understand, that you made a bad decision, when it was possible to do everything differently. Emotionally savvy investors know, that you shouldn't look at a closed door for too long, to learn from mistakes.

Three-screen trading system

Similar in name rather to a medical diagnostic test, the three-screen trading system was developed by Dr.Alexander Elder back in 1985 year. The medical associations here are by no means accidental.: before, how to immerse yourself in the world of finance, Dr. Elder worked for many years as a psychiatrist in New York. Since then, he has written numerous articles and books., including the bestseller “Trading For A Living” (1993). He has also spoken at several world conferences. Множество трейдеров для создания каждой сделки привыкают обращаться к единственному экрану или индикатору. Basically, there is nothing wrong with using a single indicator to make a decision. Actually, discipline, which is required to keep attention on one scale, being related to the discipline of the individual, maybe, является одной из основных составляющих достижения успеха в качестве трейдера.

Entry and Exit - Trade Business

Trading can be an exciting alternative «traditional» work, but there is a lot of advertising hype in this industry - dominated by stories of wealth and happiness, trade-related. May be, this is so for the lucky few, but many traders lose money and face difficulties in exiting this business. Knowledge, when to get in - and when to get out - of the business is just as important, like any other trading lesson. Tax planning is extremely important for traders, but tax savings, which you can create, won't do you much good, if you cannot make a profit on a permanent basis. Reducing losses with tax refunds will not do you much good - you need to stop the losses themselves. There is a lot of information about, когда входить и выходить из сделки, but few guidelines about, when to enter and exit the trading business. Однако некоторые из аксиом, которым трейдеры следуют при исполнении сделок – быстро продавать убытки и позволять

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Ten most stupid and expensive mistakes of stock market players

September 2006 of the year. Company J trader. P. Morgan Securities Japan pressed the wrong key on the computer, as a result of which the wrong shares were put up for sale. When the error was discovered, J. P. Morgan Securities Japan had to buy the sold securities again. Judging by that, what afternoon, when the error was discovered, stock index rose, the shares had to be redeemed at a higher price. По оценке экспертов, the company's losses from a wrong transaction will not exceed 50 million dollars. June 2006 of the year. Japanese company Tachibana Securities placed a sell order 2,6 thousand. shares of the Internet company Adways at a price 1670 иен (14,47 dollar) for paper, despite the fact that the day before the company placed 2,4 thousand. shares on 1,4 million yen (12 thousand. Dollars) for pike. Although the mistake was noticed instantly, and the order was canceled, 1482 shares have already been sold. The broker estimated the losses in more than 1,5 million dollars.

20 Trader's Golden Rules

At the beginning of my career as a trader, they helped me a lot. : 1. Forget about the news, remember only about the schedule. You are not that smart, to divine, how the news will affect prices. The schedule already contains information, what to expect from the news. 2. Buy on the first pullback from a new high. Sell ​​on the first pullback from a new low. There will definitely be one, who will miss their chance. 3. Buy on support, sell on resistance. Everyone follows the same indicators, what are you, and are waiting for a good moment. 4. Take short positions on a fast rise. But not on mass sales. When the market goes down, short positions are profitable. Always be prepared to close them. 5. Do not buy or sell on moving averages. See paragraph 3.

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