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Trade 23 July

Such a wonderful market and so many opportunities, and I was doing nonsense. Gotta be a complete moron, so as not to make money in such a market : HAR : Harman International Industries Inc Sector: Consumer Cyclical > Industry: Audio and Video Equipment Buying from the very beginning, sticking to my old trading idea for this stock. As I previously depicted my idea on 15 min chart, this is exactly how the action went, sorry bad performance came out.

Day of Idiotic Decisions

ON OPG I didn't do anything. Intraday: CAT : Caterpillar Inc. Sector: Capital Goods > Industry: Constr. and Agric. Machinery Shorty in a bad place, there should have been a reversal or rollback. Perhaps she would have passed 50C cents yet, но риск в 10С и соотношение к 5 I think it's very bad. COH : Coach, Inc. Sector: Consumer Cyclical > Industry: Apparel / Accessories This is generally a stupid deal and there were a few others like that., their schedule is almost the same. So I thought to see a reversal here and what will go up, такое вообще не надо торговать, it's easier to throw money away at once. Идиотизм какой то

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