Bundle of investment news: Western Digital, Roku and electric car subsidies

Roku IncROKU90,82 $Купить Western DigitalWDC57,06 $КупитьСервис в партнерстве с Тинькофф Инвестициями. Quotes are updated every 15 минут Поставщик устройств и услуг для стриминга рассказывает о своих нововведениях. New Challenges in American Greening the World.

Cryptanalyst told about the nearest prospects 5 popular altcoins

Cryptocurrency analyst with the nickname Altcoin Sherpa spoke about the potential levels of decline, which can be achieved 5 popular altcoins According to him, polkadot blockchain (DOT) there is a chance to face a significant increase in demand in the event of an overlap of the 200-day exponential moving average (EMA): "On the DOT, I expect the continuation of consolidation in the region $30 – $40, as it supports the 200-day EMA, namely at $32". The sandbox blockchain gaming ecosystem looks promising (SAND) and the analyst hopes for the ability to enter the asset at a level of about $5: "This asset is one of the few, which are worth buying on the fall of the rate. The strongest assets are repaied faster than others.. Third altcoin on analyst's list – CRO, on the basis of which the trading platform of the operates. Altcoin Sherpa considers, that CRO has support on low timeframes: "According to CRO I expect the bottom at around $0.6". Analyst closely monitors the platform of smart contracts Oasis Network (ROSE), working in the field of confidentiality for open finance. In his opinion, well …

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Cryptanalyst called 3 potentially very profitable cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency analyst Nicholas Merten noted 3 cryptocurrencies, which can show rapid growth during the season of altcoins Cryptanalyst called 3 potentially very profitable cryptocurrencies He is closely watching the sector, which has the most significant potential and, according to Merten, promising first-layer protocols – the best choice for investors in this market. First on the list is the e-Radix Layer 1 protocol (EXRD), created specifically for the DeFi sector. Asset paired against BTC demonstrates exceptional dynamics: “Downward Wedge Breakout in Pair Against BTC, trading volumes increased and the rate began to rise. Each time a rollback, support was found at the previous resistance level. " 30 days EXRD rate grew by almost 500% and almost reached $0,5. Next comes the blockchain with support for smart contracts, by decentralized voting and self-funded Energi treasury (NRG). According to the analyst, the asset is ready for a breakout after a long hibernation: “Due to a significant number of fundamental factors, Energi has a good chance of growing and may even start its first major …

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Analyst outlines the future of bitcoin in light of the current correction

Cryptocurrency analyst Justin Bennett spoke about his vision of the recovery of bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market after a sudden correction, reduced its capitalization by almost $400 billions According to CoinGlass, positions worth more than one day were liquidated per day $882 million. Bitcoin has corrected by about 10%, and the rest of the market went down with it.. According to the analyst, if bitcoin does not hold the level $60 000, then it can expect a further decline to $55 000: "Apparently, candlestick & quot; bearish blockage" for BTC was a signal. Bitcoin has a lot of support around $60 000. If BTC can't come back higher $63 300, expect a decline to the level $55 000» Bennett emphasized, that cryptocurrency rates regularly fall by 20-30%, and BTC only on 12% below its maximum. To assess the state of the cryptocurrency market, Bennett monitors the US dollar index (DXY). Weak US dollar indicates higher prices for many assets, and a strong dollar signals a correction in the markets. By his …

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The analyst called the reason, why this year bitcoin will not grow to $100 000

Cryptocurrency analyst Nicholas Merten said, that believes in the achievement of the bitcoin rate $100 000, but this year is hardly worth counting on According to him, BTC's relatively mild reaction to the launch of a bitcoin futures ETF is a clear signal, that a major change of course will require much more effort, than intended: "In the fourth quarter of this year, bitcoin has no chance to get to $100 000 or $150 000. The same goes for the first quarter. 2022 of the year. Very sorry, but we must admit the obvious and most analysts are wrong, if you think otherwise. The reason lies in the bitcoin ETF based on futures, which have long been expected as catalysts for the market. But they couldn't get Bitcoin up to $100 000. What other macro event can attract institutional investors and bring the capitalization of BTC to several trillion dollars??»According to the analyst, as a result, BTC will end the bullish market cycle at the mark $200 000. But it won't happen because of a sharp rise in the next couple of months., and …

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Ethereum Foundation Moved For Sale On The Kraken Exchange 20 000 ETH

According to Etherscan data, the non-profit organization Ethereum Foundation transferred tens of thousands of ETH to the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange again as the transaction shows, Ethereum developer sent a contract for 20 000 ETH to Kraken public address. At current rates, the cost of the transferred ETH exceeds $95 million. A similar transaction took place 17 May, when another developer submitted to the exchange 35 000 ETH (at that time the amount was equivalent to $112 millions). The Ethereum Foundation supports Ethereum and its developers by providing financial assistance, and also solves issues, related to the wider ecosystem. The organization has previously sold ETH to support its activities.. According to blockchain analyst Colin Wu, as of 21 May, the Ethereum Foundation had about 400 000 ETH. Over the past weeks, the ETH rate has repeatedly updated its highs and is currently above the level $4700. Ken Griffin, CEO of multinational hedge fund Citadel, believes, that Ethereum is even better than BTC.

Cryptanalyst has indicated immediate targets for 3 altcoins

Cryptanalyst Mikael van de Poppe indicates the nearest targets for Litecoin (LTC) and noted the bullish opportunities of the other two altcoins in his opinion, before the end of the current market cycle, Litecoin may show 286% -new rally: “Using the Fibonacci retracement method, you can determine, what the first goal of Litecoin is $600, and the second is about $1000. I'm extremely bullish on older altcoins, especially taking into account the existing structure for them "The analyst also highlighted the corporate solution for safe and fast transfers OMG Network (OMG). He considers, that in a pair against BTC the asset can show growth by 108%, but for this it will be necessary to keep support at the level 0,00024 BTC: “It is important to maintain this level of support and if everything works out, that we will move to the level 0,0005 BTC "And good bullish prospects are looming for the hybrid blockchain platform ICON (ICX). According to the analyst, in a pair against BTC, the asset is ready to start a 65% rally to the nearest resistance level near 0,000053 BTC: "In ICX …

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Cryptanalyst called growth levels for 2 altocoins

Well-known cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe called the growth levels for two popular altcoins, which are now talked about by many users First on the list is Polkadot (DOT), around which, against the background of the imminent start of paragon auctions, a real stir unfolded.

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