What Google Pays Apple Billions For

google za chto google platit apple milliardy e6055d8 scaled За что Google платит Apple миллиарды 1

У Apple Inc. there is a less discussed source, which annually brings her multibillion-dollar revenues. Apple's Lucrative Partnership with Google According to Bernstein analyst Tony Sacconaga Jr., the company plans to pay Apple about $15 billion. It's a payment for that, what Apple, uses Google as the default search engine on iOS.

Best Trading Books

акции luchshie knigi po trejdingu 1dedba1 scaled Лучшие книги по трейдингу 2

When you decide to plunge into trading, you understand quickly, how complex strategies can be, charts, templates, platforms and commissions. This is one of the reasons to start reading books before that., to get started.

When Apple shares will continue to grow

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Apple shares are ready to rise even higher, as soon as the latest version of the iPhone appears on the market, says Wall Street's leading analyst.

New securities on the Moscow Exchange for August 2021

coinbase novye cennye bumagi na mosbirzhe za avgustnbsp2021 98dc251 Новые ценные бумаги на Мосбирже за август 2021 4

At the end of the summer, new bonds of an organization from Russia and shares of foreign companies appeared on the MICEX. In addition, several exchange-traded funds began to trade.. We do not mention some of the new bonds.

Interactive Brokers through the eyes of a financier

interactive brokers glazami investora 5a31334 Interactive Brokers очами финансиста 5

Good for everyone, not counting its owners of shares Over the recent period, there has been a real explosive growth in investments - due to the general covid isolation, brokers had to significantly improve their remote services for clients, including - to facilitate the opening and service of brokerage accounts, conducting operations with securities. This entailed something, what …

Interactive Brokers through the eyes of a financier Read more

83 000 agreements per month at the morning session of the Moscow Exchange!

83 000 sdelok za mesjac na utrennej sessii mosbirzhi f6750c8 83 000 соглашений в месяц на утренней сессии Мосбиржи! 6

Interview with Maxim Zakharov, 7 years engaged in algorithmic trading and perfectly mastered the plan and strategy of an algorithmic trader You don't have to be a genius - Maxim, how did you get into trading? After all, a beginner or a casual person, who decided to try out trading on the stock exchange, will not do that, what did you do.

4 robo-advisor with access to a money planner

4 roboedvajzera s dostupom k specialistu po finansovomu planirovaniju 8a3b726 scaled 4 робоэдвайзера с доступом к спецу по денежному планированию 9

Over the past ten years, mechanized consultants have reincarnated as a branch with turnover $460 billion, which is thirty percent higher, than in 2019 year. Robo-advisors are gaining all the great fame., which also provide access to a "live" money planner.

5 legends about the securities market

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BCS Express is a user-friendly website for personal investors BCS Express is a user-friendly website for personal investors Financial literacy grows from generation to generation, but some delusions have not gone into the past so far. We dispel 5 legends about the securities market. 1.

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