Online service "Trader's Statistics" – it is a smart log of transactions, a trader's diary for any exchanges. Transactions in the service are collected in statistics and automatically decomposed into dozens of detailed analytical sections. The service contains everything you need for a high-quality study of your trading: important control parameters, diagrams, graphs of various dependencies, pivot tables and more. At the moment, the service is a unique resource for traders, interested in learning about their trade. Learn more about THE PROMOTION FOR TRADERS

Flag Pattern - Continue Explosive Movement

We continue to publish material from the archives. Explosive movement is indicated by the speed and dynamics of movement.. Ie. When 20$ stock moves up 70 cents and more, behind 1-2 minutes. This setup can be traded long, so in shorts. Beginners should focus on trading longs. This pattern usually develops, because hot news is coming out. Consequently, the market has little impact on this pattern.. What does this type of movement look like on a chart? On the 1 minute chart, you will see a large vertical explosive bar. The following 1-3 bar will be much smaller. If, after an explosive movement, the stock has a small pullback and begins to move in a small range, then in most cases, after this range, the stock will go up. You should never enter a trade on an explosive vertical bar. Wait for that moment, when the stock calms down and begins to consolidate. This will give you the best risk to reversal ratio.. This pattern indicates a strong upward momentum. Usually, this setup is entered by a market order at …

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Hello! Our good friends and partners – online service “Trader statistics” holds a unique, large-scale New Year's campaign! 1. It plays out 64 gift for a total amount of more than 2 000 000 rubles! These are courses and live seminars by leading educators, which will undoubtedly raise the skills of any trader to a whole new level! This has not happened before and this cannot be missed!

Exclusive rate “Ноль” – without Brokerage Commission !!!!!!!

0$ for any traded volume !!! You keep losing money due to broker commissions? More 70% private traders would be in the black and many more trading systems would work without a brokerage commission. Now is your chance to show yourself.   Few people can believe in intelligence and in the ability of others to be profitable traders.. Никто не верит в вашу способность заработать на бирже. Мы верим! Компания GT Capital Group дарит вам этот шанс. From now on you can trade on the NYSE & NASDAQ без брокерской комиссии. More about the tariff “Ноль”   P.S. Плюсуем, if you like the news ;)

Results of experiments

Experimenting with my trade for about two weeks, by the number of transactions, размер позиций,time,стили торговли. Position size : Small positions – you start to think less about the deal, больше риск. As a result, not very good performance Average positions – Самое комфортное на данный момент, deliberate deals and focus on them. Good profit, with small negative trades that do not strain Large positions – Tangible profit, but also big disadvantages. Need more precision, to do them, too few attempts at mistakes. It is not always possible to incubate large movements.. Once a day you can do, but you can't always trade them.

Share – Take over Wall Street (Occupy Wall Street )

Take over Wall Street (English. Occupy Wall Street) - a civil protest in the American city of New York, running from 17 September 2011 years to the present. The goal of the protesters is a prolonged seizure of Wall Street in the financial center of New York in order to draw public attention to the crimes of the financial elite and call for structural changes in the economy.. Some participants also protested against the death penalty of Troy Davis in Georgia. 21 September 2011 of the year.

TraAnan Channel – Action for bloggers

We made a decision about, that we will provide bloggers with free access for a week. Condition : Have your own blog close to the stock market The blog should be normal Register on Contact us via skype : traanan Place a mention of our project when we say Enjoy free access Restriction: 5 people every week. Write to skype first: traanan. The first group will start on Monday. Better to register before Saturday. P.S. Regular users can watch the recordings of the broadcast a couple of days after its release..

Old trading strategy for trading on the NYSE

This is the old version. Одна из первых моих торговых стратегий, small sketches of trade.(успешная) Новая : NYSE Trading Strategy Main Entry Signals: Break of the previous day's high or low. The stock must break the low 1 day, better more 10 days low or high. There should be a trend on the daily chart and trade only in its direction. Drawing the bottom, in the form of a saucer, stock reversal . The promotion must pass at least 2-3$ from the opening and trading in the afternoon such signals. Centerfold, после сильного подъема акции и взрыва объема. Minimum 1$ должна вырасти и начинает в уровень упираться.

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