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Wall Street goes to Blockchain

Blockchain технологическая компания, Factom , which creates interfaces built into existing financial systems, signed an agreement with the company — financial data provider, Intrinio, with the aim of translating the whole of Wall — street on blockchain Factom. Building robust financial applications The collaboration was created to, so that data for 3000 most valuable US assets, were published on the Factom blockchain every 15 minutes. Developed by Factom, after this step, they were far ahead of most of the institutions working within the blockchain industry. This statement is based on the fact, that they are using real data, what is valuable and relevant, since developers can use these data streams to implement smart contracts and early checks.

Free trading platforms on the NYSE

Introducing New Free Trading Platforms for American Stocks - Trader and GT . Platforms are simple, functional and easy to use. New items are ideal for intraday trading, and for medium-term trading. Benefits of new platforms: no platform fees; built-in graphics; built-in news module; the ability to trade on two platforms at the same time: deals, open in the browser platform, will be displayed in the desktop version, and vice versa; удобный, clear and modern interface; optimal functionality:. various filters, indicators, reference books, etc.; доступ к ECN , dark pools and routing systems; специальному ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ ДЛЯ ТОРГОВЛИ инвестиционной . Despite the similarity of names and functionality, platforms have differences: Trader — desktop installable terminal. GT — browser solution, accessible from any computer. For more information on platforms and instructions for. them are presented on our website . Account opening for GT trading will start in June. In the meantime, we are completing the preparatory work, ВЫ можете оставить заявке На Открытие счета Наши ИЛИ запросить демодоступ . Trade American stocks on the best terms on the new op platforms!

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