Ayn Rand

What Millionaires Read? List of books recommended by Evgeny Chichvarkin.

Wanna be a millionaire, behave like a millionaire, stop watching TV and read books. This list of books is recommended by successful businessman Evgeny Chichvarkin (founder of Euroset). 1. Losing Innocence by Richard Branson. Already takes your breath away. Sometimes it seems, as if you are at your best and experience hypoxia. Awesome book, the only thing, what do you want to say: if you do not have such an unconscious analysis, no need to repeat this, so it's not safe financially. A good shot of adrenaline for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The history of the world's most mysterious and disruptive financial institution – US Federal Reserve

From time to time, the normal course of the planet's business activity is interrupted and prominent businessmen, bankers, stock traders, mutual fund managers, and along with them – Policy, ministers, drug dealers and an army of thousands of journalists, holding breath, listening to a lanky, puny old man named Alan Greenspan speaking (currently the head of the Fed is Ben Bernanke. approx. Victor), who, with the greatest profoundness, announces to the city and the world of raising or lowering the interest rate of federal funds (Fed Funds Rate - percentage, under which commercial banks have the right to lend money to each other for one night to maintain the federal deposit within the normal range. Established by the US Federal Reserve).

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