A couple of new aphorisms

I thought about certain things and such aphorisms came to my mind:

“The level of your wealth is directly proportional to the level of scale of your personality.”
“Your level of success is measured by the number of problems you solve.”

If you choose to use – put links.

Warren Buffett's aphorisms (part 2)

Even if you are very talented and make a lot of effort, some results just take time: you won't get a baby in a month, even if you make nine women get pregnant. Company executives have no capital allocation skills… Let me give you a slightly exaggerated comparison.: such leaders are like a gifted musician, whose career does not end at the Carnegie Hall stage, and in the chair of the chairman of the US Federal Reserve. Success - when people love you. You know, We have an old Polish Holocaust survivor in Omaha. She survived because, that people were hiding her, кормили, cared, defended, risked their lives. They did it because, that she was loved. When people love you, this is the biggest success of your life.

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