22.09.2015 ADBE Shares – Adobe Systems Incorporated

We continue to write interesting deals on past trades. I don't particularly like to trade on Tuesday, I try not to do it practically. Today we will discuss the ADBE promotion – Adobe Systems Incorporated. Below will be screenshots 1 And 15 minutes. The plan was simple, see retention 84 and buying with a view to about 84,90. Fortunately, ADBE immediately found a good buyer when approaching 84 and a frequent rollback in a couple of candles to 83.90 where the buyer reconnected. Retention 84 it was a little excruciating, but this stock very rarely moves smoothly and was expected, that you will have to incubate until the end of the day. Further upward movement was very smooth surprisingly, sorry a little to the goal the action did not reach about 84,60-70 began to hesitate and a sharp rollback could have occurred. I had to tighten my stop. Not a bad deal for a Tuesday.