Cloud hosting on windows for backtesting and launching robots

While a super robot is being created, which by the way shows not bad results on the US stock exchange(NYSE,NASDAQ,AMEX) which I will not tell anything about, there was one big problem — backtesting and processing power. I want to share so far the best service that I have found replacing Amazon servers - ActiveCloud I have been looking for a normal VPS or a cloud on Windows for a very long time, with good processing power, but almost everywhere they give 4 kernels. I needed a lot more and for a reasonable price. Before that, there was amazon option to use, but there it goes into 2 times more expensive. Here's a PC with 16 CPU и 20 RAM will only cost about 30 rubles per hour(You can turn off the machine, when not needed). While everything is fine, the manager called me on the phone once in a month 3 and technical support is operational. Plus give a test period. Installing Windows after registration takes 5-10 minutes and you can start.