What is a pill for greed ?

What is a pill for greed ?

Tablets (medicine) from greed - a program created by the good Samaritans or a modified file (most often exe or dll file) to run the application (games, photoshop, Windows and other) bypassing the protection system, delivered by evil copyists. As a rule, comes in one "release" (edition) for example, on the tracker, or in similar landfills freebies. The tablet is applied to varese after downloading and installing, in order to cure him of the congenital ailment of copyright and save the contents of his wallet from unnecessary spending. Often sewn out of the box, and in this case, no unnecessary gestures are required from the user at all.

Pills (lat. Tabulettae) - solid dosage form, obtained by pressing powders and granules, containing one or more medicinal substances with or without auxiliary substances or obtained by molding special masses.

Description and appearance of the tablet

Diazepam round flat tablets with markings, chamfer and risk.

According to various pharmacopoeias, tablets are understood as a solid dosage form., containing one or more active ingredients with or without auxiliary (English). The main distinguishing characteristic of pharmacopeias from other dosage forms is the method of their manufacture by pressing or other methods (molding (English), extrusion and lyophilization). Tablets may vary in size, form, weight, hardness, thickness and consumer qualities, depending on their intended use and manufacturing method.

The main form of tablets is straight round cylinders. with flat or biconvex surfaces, which are intended primarily for oral administration. The flat surfaces of compressed hard tablets can be chamfered to give the dosage form extra strength.. Among biconvex surfaces, simple and compound convexities are distinguished, the last of which do not have the shape of a truncated sphere. Composite biconvex surfaces prevent erosion at the edges of the tablets, however, such production leads to accelerated wear of equipment due to uneven distribution of stresses during the pressing process..

Active ingredients of the tablet

Like other dosage forms, tablets contain the active ingredient, which is the active ingredient in the finished product, and excipients (English), which are added to the active substance for different purposes. In some cases, tablets may consist exclusively of active ingredients without the addition of auxiliary. The development of the composition of the tablet always begins with the choice of the dosage of the active substance., which should provide the therapeutic effect declared by the manufacturer. The choice of dosage is carried out in the range between the safe starting and the maximum tolerated doses of the active substance..

There are basically two types of active ingredients., which can be incorporated into a tablet: insoluble chemical compounds, intended to provide a local therapeutic effect in the gastrointestinal tract, and soluble substances, having a therapeutic effect after the absorption of the dissolved active substance into the systemic circulation. The first type of substances include antacids and sorbents., due to the peculiarities of the mechanism of action of which special attention is paid to the composition of the tablets with their content to ensure easy dispersibility with the receipt of a large number of particles of the active substance, with a high surface area. These requirements are caused by the need to cover the maximum possible area in the gastrointestinal tract with the drug to ensure the therapeutic effect..

In the case of soluble substances, the greatest attention when creating tablets is given to ensuring maximum absorption in a certain target area.. In addition, due to the need to maintain the maximum possible storage time and carry out effective pressing without losing the therapeutic effect of the drug, the active substance can be introduced into the tablet in the form of salts or certain crystalline forms.. At the same time, numerous cases of manifestation of polymorphism of active substances are known., which change the therapeutic effect of the active substance and can occur directly in the process of making tablets.

Depending on all these conditions, the choice of production technology and auxiliary substances is carried out., which should ensure the declared bioavailability of the active substance and the therapeutic effect of the entire tablet. Examples of incompatibility of active ingredients with excipients are extremely rare..

Apparently, the need to replace the more familiar "crack" with such, "Shob nihto did not guess" is dictated by elementary conspiracy considerations and approximately the same reasons, by which the dollar is called UE. Obviously, that the original source of this name was the phrase from the "Diamond Hand", spoken by the hero Papanov with just such a pronunciation:

- One tablet is enough!

In reality, the ancient bayanist also contributed to the creation of the meme anecdote:

At the pharmacy: - Give me pills for greed! And more, more!

This is its action.: save a software product from ridiculous begging for money in one go ("Cure for greed"). It was originally requested: "Help to cure" and called "medicine". And then, with the arrival of Russian warez sites and torrents, it has become fashionable to write "pill". Well, to the house, for the period of formation of the term, the Trial period was very popular as a way to convince the user of the quality of your product. Such a product was called "sick" and "dying" in most forums., because in N days it should have happened to him you know what.

  Brechitis - continuation

The meme was especially liked by the releasers in the trackers, since it successfully replaces the frank and often forbidden words "hack" at the level of the word filter, "Crack" or "keygen". Besides, even the most evil copywriter finds it difficult to get to the bottom of the innocent phrase "There is a tablet" in the torrent description. And if the crack is not visible, then call the layout of the distribution kit piracy (of course, for informational purposes only, oga) won't work.

If the crack is not included in the release (distributor - lamer) or everything is already recoded inside the release, usually they write something like "Tablet in the nearest pharmacy" or "Tablet is sewn in", respectively.

Types of pills

Tablets are classified according to the route of administration, the presence of a shell, method of obtaining, method of application, the nature of the release of the active substance

Listed in order of increasing desirability and health benefits of the software and the user's nerves.


Hacked main executable to replace the original. Hacking is usually extremely rude; the program ceases to obsessively demand food, but continues to consider himself unregistered, resources are often wasted. The game's unfinished warez is almost always cracked.exe, which does not get official patches. This is the worst possible option., good crack larva.

There is also a subspecies "Tablet Embedded", where the whole program is already hacked, and nothing needs to be replaced. Often included in release with Adobe products (Photoshop etc.. d.), shitty assemblies of Windows, pirated releases of games and others, where the hacking procedure is difficult and beyond the power 95% ordinary users. Interesting, that even being sewn, the pill does not always work. This happens with the aforementioned Photoshop. Despite the lining of the pill, keys sometimes burn and the program begins to compulsively demand GREAT. In this case, you have to completely remove and reinstall, which is extremely inconvenient.

A variation of this type of treatment is the replacement of infected .dll libraries with healthy ones.. This method is often used by music users to bring a variety of virtual synthesizers and gadgets to work. (better known as VST).


Crack (crack) or more intelligently patch (patch). A crack is an instruction for curing software from greed. (write a byte with the value Y at offset Z to file X). To automate the process, a small patcher is used (which often contains the creative of hackers in the form of a demo video, or delivering an eight-bit song). Nubian bands use universal patchers, who know how to make backup copies and play music when changing files, and also support skins, in particular, dup v2.20 is popular - the creator of universal patchers. IN 99,9% broken warez cases cannot be updated, since the effect of the crack will disappear.


Serial number, s/n, soap opera, key and t. d. Any registration information, to cure varese from greed in a natural way. Most fit (paranoid) method of treatment, since there is no injection of extraneous executable code, and therefore guaranteed no trojans and worms. Most often serials are real, that is, they allow you to freely use the program support services. Strictly speaking, serials are not a tablet in the canonical sense of the word, however, the juvenile inhabitants of shit trackers do not know about it. Some copyists check the entered serials for finding them in their own black list on their own server, however, competent pirates either forcibly turn off this check in the program itself (then it's already a patch + serial), either offer the user to manually block the program's attempts to access the specified server by assigning an IP address to it in the Windows analogue / etc / hosts or ban the program itself in the antivirus firewall.


NoCD (nou-sidi, noah-sit) is a special kind of tablet, invented by lazy users of licensed games for the treatment of pathological discophilia. The fact, that many gamers are annoyed by the requirement of toys to insert the original disc at startup. Later, with the advent of all sorts of shit protection, after which you need to rearrange Windows (like everyone's favorite starforce), the idea of ​​NoCD received popular recognition. ICSH, NoCDs are still much less bullied than crack cracks. (so, there are sites, located in the heart of Pindostan with its rednecks, niggers and copyists, from where you can pull out the NoCD). In hard times, underground localizers sewed NoCD directly into their releases. However, some faces, not wanting to strain with waiting for NoCD and then looking for it, put Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% and thus eliminate the symptoms of discophilia. Therefore, it is not without reason that you can find iso on trackers in addition to installs- or mdf images, which allow you to screw it to a CD drive that does not exist on your computer.

Also microimages can be attributed to NoCD. The essence of the © phenomenon is, that the .mdf format keeps files separate from the file system, meta information and, respectively, checksums. Therefore, by simple® manipulations, a 24 GB image turns into a 2 MB image, while keeping everything, except for the files themselves. However, the sick (programs, less often - users) usually give a shit about this fact, and they happily zohavayut such an image with the words "Thank you for your purchase!». PROFIT, hule.

  Моё мнение о известных "гуру".

Also used by owners of EXTREMELY licensed games, so as not to screw up the precious disk in the drive, run on hardware, without a CD drive or on an unsupported OS / Wine version.


One of the most epic keygens: for online activation of SecuROM. Made in Russia

Keygen (kid), key generator. Detsalny projka, which, in addition to music, generates serials, thousands of them. Trub varez groups make keygens of increased usability with support for many versions. You can run into pseudo-keygens, which generate nothing, but only show the keys wired into themselves.

Since copyrists have been very annoying lately, information technology is developing rapidly, and often the treatment has to be carried out in a complex. For example: activation patch and keygen, actually, out of greed.

Trojans sometimes come across in keygens, in particular downloaded from questionable sites, where do they get the original keygens, and make a “glue” out of them - several Trojans are launched from one file under the guise of a keygen, and at the end the real, harmless serial generator. There is also a false positive bydloantivirus, since either keygens are blacklisted, or packed with ingenious packers, which antiviruses are too lazy to unpack.


Loader - program loader. Small program, which, when launched, itself launches the target software and patches it at boot time. It was usually used in the case of, when it was impossible to patch tightly due to integrity check at startup or for other reasons. Quite uncomfortable (for example, if you need to run cracked software with certain parameters, then the loader ate them corny) and an uncommon form of pills.

Trial reset

Program, who knows, where the target software stores information about the trial period, and which overwrites this data with the correct values ​​or simply erases. The profit is huge: prove, that you did not install the program yesterday, can, but you need to understand the intricacies. So this is a favorite way to dodge license checks..

Dongle emulator

Anti-software program, which binds to a piece of iron: a piece of iron is connected - it starts, not connected - does not start. Instead of patching, software is being written, which answers requests to the piece of iron, imitating her presence.

Pirate Server

If the program requires a network connection to the server for its work, then this method is applied. Your server is written and raised, to which the program is forwarded through hosts or more sophisticated methods like hooks. If the server is online and multiple clients are connecting to it, this is usually a multiplayer server. If the server is hosted on a local computer, then it is castrated, usually reversed, version of the developer's server. This is how Assassin's Creed was hacked 2. The author carefully attached the sources of the server emulator in python, for which thanks to him.


Another way to heal softina naturally. Unlike the serial, here you just need to click on the .reg file and make changes to the registry (although sometimes the software needs to be patched before that), and no fucking with entering the key (especially there, where the key cannot be copied, but you must enter manually, that is, writing off). Used by, if the software is activated only in this way. This is how the most beloved FL Studio sequencer among musicians grunts.


Actually, warez is downloaded and simply unpacked into any folder (that is, you do not need to install anything and does not register in the system). The plus is, that portable programs do not need to be hacked and can be carried anywhere. However, they cannot be updated due to portability., what causes butthrt among users, want to have the latest version of the product (the problem is solved with PortableApps). This, of course, deviates a little from the understanding of the crack., but still software can sometimes be cured only in this way.


The program is simply installed in the sandbox, used for its intended purpose, then demolished along with the sandbox. Ideal for small, rarely used programs with minor restrictions during the trial period. The fact, that the bloomer must necessarily leave traces in the system, otherwise it can be removed / installed as many times as you want. The sandbox itself and cleans these tracks, regardless of the program.

Side effects

Like any substance, tablets have pronounced side effects: from practically harmless adware gadgets to full-fledged intrauterine worms and Trojans. Everyone knows about it, but love for freebies is still stronger.

In fact: some "drugs" can disable the patient program forever, pills unfinished by hack-pharmaceuticals sometimes called the "Blue Door of Life" at the windows (aka BSOD, single, Really, cases). Bugs were repeatedly observed with programs like FruityLoops and AbletonLive, when, after taking the medicine, exactly a couple of days later, Softina demanded a new dose of the drug, and so on ad infinitum (what is kakbe hinting, due to addiction, on the correct name of crack soft pills).

  Trader on NASA 2011-04-07 01:09:15

Some smart-ass copyists manage to make the program incapacitated when hacked, deliberately creating the conditions for a critical error. For example, put protection not only on the launch of the game, but also introduce an incurable bug, sleeping peacefully, let's say before 50% passing the game and at the most crucial moment, when the player opens a scary door to the scary lair of a scary boss, - game crashes, malevolently kekekekaya. Or does not crash and does not interfere with launch, but makes it impossible to play the spiral game, like in the fairly new game The Talos Principle, in pirated copies of which players got stuck in the elevator. The calculation is on, that when the first player reaches this place and while the craftsmen cut through, what and where did it happen, and release the next version of the drug - all, who want to play ball game, but have money, spit and buy the game. Saves, by the way, in such cases are incompatible with new versions of the game - thus "thieves" are punished, forcing to replay the game. Although, in fact, the incompleteness of the game testifies to the narrow-mindedness of the formatsevt, for he did not deign to figure it out to the end and only treated the symptoms, not the reason. And pharmacists compete with each other, who will release the medicine faster for the popular game, that is, the goal is speed, not in quality.

In the case of computer games, the most common side effect is the inability to play on official servers, as well as the inability to update the version of the game, since many official patches check the working files of the game for canonicity. Usually, a new tablet is released for each patch.

Another great example of the meanness of developers is the well-known Flashget download.. The program was popular, often patched by unscrupulous users, but, having discovered during the next session of communication with the developers the fact, what's hacked, did not swear or refuse to work. But I started deliberately introducing random errors into downloaded files., especially in the archives. Imagine a person's face, zealously shaking all night on the modem archive with just for that, to find out in the morning, that the files are fatally corrupted and cannot be decompressed. Here you want it or not, and buy a license.

Reget did the same, but with special cynicism: instead of the desired pron, the archive turned out to be a txt file with greetings from the developers. An additional plus - the cattle could not have guessed, that this is not a "bad program", namely protection from freebies, and this is, you understand, purchase did not contribute. There was no ambiguity with Reget.

A couple of tips for cracking

  • In order not to catch a virus, download tablets from the official sites of the crackers groups (Razor1911, Reloaded): list of latest released releases, DRM lists and where they are used
  • In view of the, that over all these past years, the preponderance between the "bright" side of forces (DRM producers and protection hackers) and the burglars obviously leaned towards the latter (a vivid example of this), there has been some tendency to weaken the embedded DRMs themselves (because the efficiency is not the same, how it was yo 10 back). Accordingly, breaking them has become much easier..
    Consequently, take a debugger and start making tablets yourself.



  • A tablet is a type of laptop without a keyboard and with a touch screen. (with a display rotating around its axis is called a transformer).
  • The spare underwheel is called a tablet., which are equipped with small cars and sometimes sports cars. Usually, bright color, for the owner to remember, that this is not a wheel and it is recommended to dissect on it from the place of breakdown to the nearest tire fitting. Car owners, in turn, call it "dokatka" or "crutch", and right-hand drive, as a consequence, that in Nippon cars "dokatka", usually, yellow color or has a yellow sticker of a curved shape - "banana".
  • Another pill, usually, called the voltage regulator in the generator, ICSH, if the voltage is small, then this tablet can also be grunted.
  • Also, a crack is a single act of vocal self-identification of a duck © Bash. Respectively, electronic car devices, spewing similar sounds, often referred to as "quacks".
  • UAZ-452/3741 (popularly called "loaf", and its medical modification 452A / 3962 is called a "pill" by the military) - a special cargo-passenger all-wheel drive two-axle off-road vehicle with a 4x4 wheel formula, produced by the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant with 1965 of the year. Engine - a variant of the GAZ-21 engine.
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