SWING positions 22 December

Yesterday was a day of stupid decisions. At the beginning PG opened below my intended stop and covered it almost to the very bottom and, according to the law of meanness, he returned to yesterday's close. Hastened a little , had to wait a bit. Fixed a minus of 72C on 500 Shares -360$. If I had kept it even now, it would have been in a small plus.. But I think I did the right thing, because. it was possible to fail it below as in previous times. Then I bought with free money BAM And SFI, which he covered during the day. I think their purchase was unreasonable and stupid. AXL let me down -99$.

I ended up buying more SPY on 125,69 200 Shares.

In general, I have :

PG = -360$
BAM = -31$
SFI = – 67$
AXL = -99$
Total cons covered = -557$
Not covered profit = 1 000$

  Slowly starting to hold swing positions
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