Bloomberg strategist named crypto asset, who is waiting for a collapse

Bloomberg Intelligence senior strategist Mike McGlone believes, what shiba inu (SHIB) tough times ahead

Стратег Bloomberg назвал криптоактив, который ждет обвал

According to him, wannabe Dogecoin among 13 000 cryptocurrency is an example of extremes. SHIB market capitalization growth to $40 billion exposes the asset to the same risk as Dogecoin, when in the second quarter 2021 year, the DOGE rate collapsed since $0,74 to $0,16.

SHIB has been talked about everywhere in recent months due to its staggering profitability. During the year, the return on the asset was fantastic 74 142 662,9%. but, during the last month the SHIB rate has decreased by 19,5%.

McGlone predicts, that gravity will lower the SHIB to the ground and the meme token will fall, worthy of its parabolic takeoff:

“When the game of Shiba Inu is over, We'll see, what investors choose assets, who do not have an increased risk ".

Relatively Ethereum analyst thinks, that the asset is ready for further growth:

“The demand for ETH is growing, while the supply is decreasing. Ethereum is a leader in the digitalization of finance and money, what is the basis for further growth of the rate. Moreover, Ethereum — it is the foundation for NFT and the top tokenization platform. ETH is confidently moving towards that, to become a collateral asset on the Internet, what can be compared with the movement of BTC to the status of a global reserve digital asset ".

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