Back in the ranks :)

It's so dumb to skip a trade, yesterday(14.04) on MOC could have climbed well, study costs me dearly.
Today I missed the opening and was able to trade only MOS. Although during the day I did not notice any particularly good movements.

There were classic mosques today, everything went up before the update, after the update rollback down and jerk up. BUT they were very unreliable and squeezed, The paper profit jumped in big jerks, usually goes smoothly and beautifully, and today there was a feeling that it would unfold at every second. Because of this, I could not boot very much, it was necessary of course, but somehow inadequately everything went up, and I also take into account the previous day when for 4 minutes before closing, everything turned around, decided not to risk and not worsen prices. Orders were not sent to close , and covered the profit, but they gave it something very bad, on 1/3 worse than it seemed.

Results: I have already earned more than in March, but i'm not happy. Half a month has passed, but from the intended goal I lag behind in 5 once. In general, I should earn more, according to my calculations that month in 5 times less earned from what I should have, while in this 10 times less of the desired result. We need to improve trade…

  March is over
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