Investor risk appetite

As known, there is a good indicator, time-tested — investor risk appetite indicator. It is defined as the ratio of two indices — Nazdak and Nice. If Nazdak's index grows stronger than Nice, then it is believed that investors are currently risk averse because they believe that the markets will rise and buy growth stocks, which in favorable periods usually grow faster than stocks in value.

But other options are also possible.. I, eg, apply the QQQ difference to SPY. Если посмотрим на schedule year to date, then we see that before June there was a complete inclination to take risks. But then, in June, profit taking in the tech sector broke off the holiday and investors got scared. Fortunately, nothing terrible happened and optimism began to break through again., later, by the end of July, replaced by uncertainty and uncertainty. But by the end of August, a new wave of optimism swept the market.:

The Nasdak100 index closed today on a new high of all times and has more than doubled the SP-500 since the beginning of the year..

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