I'm trading right now from Bondarevsky office.. Krasnodar.. )) A-lab which the..  Half a day of free time before the party…


The atmosphere of some kind of scalping cult))) All trade on theirs drive.. Which is my very good. liked it .. I really didn't use it – but in action it looks very pretty))) You can look at it like a fire, forever) And I really can't say, is it possible to make money on it – but since everything is really fucking on him – then you can probably .. And I thought that scalpers are all dead)

With Cooper))

I also made several deals with them.. explained why and how he entered)))


Peeped at one scalper in the PnL Smarttrade +30 000р за сеня)))) Norm, that..


Incidentally.. tomorrow I'll be at the finam-fm in 9 evenings)))

  High Stake FOREX trading в 80х
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