Secret Taoist technique…

… in fact, nothing secret in it, but it may not be the Taoists invented it, but it is necessary to catch the fog :). Given some qigong schools, within the medical unit, still on the first stage. Really surprised, when I showed it to the person, a few years practicing – he was not familiar. When using this technique it is possible to equalize the pressure or remove headache. The principle is this (explain, as I realized this and was advised to do, in books or in workshops can give different). Hypertension (high pressure) or headache, lie back, arms along the body, palms facing down, in the centers of the feet represent the red hot balls. Mentally I run hot (you can imagine even fire) wave from the top of the head in the area stop. To strain when view images is not necessary. “There seems to be, there seems to be no”. If done with a partner, can, so it passes the hands “helped” to drive “wave” down – making the movement along the body, not touching it. Upon completion, mentally shrink balls to points, lie down and relax.
Under reduced pressure – lie on your back, hands along the body with palms up, introducing the red hot ball in the top of the head, mentally driven by heat from the feet to the head, the ball. Not to strain, to do this exercise in a relaxed way, upon completion – mentally compress the ball to point, and lie down. Seen the companion phenomenon – tingling in the hands, a feeling of warmth in the surfaces of the hands, facing up (can manifest itself not at all).
Made measurements of blood pressure (at 2-3 times, for cleanliness) before exercise and after (several people). If “to” it was high or low, after, came back to normal, or approached it. As was the case, when headache (to measure the pressure it was not possible). Tested people practicing qigong, and conventional, with assistance and independently. Time vypolneniya – for the main part was missing 5 minutes, but, maybe someone will need more.
I'm not going to give their suggestions, why it works, there is qi flowing through the channels, or just the activation of the Central nervous system, but if someone from my friends will decide to test the method for yourself, and then I will unsubscribe about results – I would be very grateful. Happy, if thanks to technology, someone will save on pills, and improve health.

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