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Attention: This presentation has been translated and based entirely on cumulative and subjective experience.. The survey was conducted for research and educational purposes. It is highly recommended not to make a decision based on these datasets.. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before taking any of these substances., otherwise, you may experience problems with your mental health. Specified dosages, most likely will be inaccurate, it is strongly recommended not to make an independent decision without the consent of a qualified medical specialist.


The average age of the participants was 26,86 years (standard deviation = 9,68, range 12-88).


From 380 participants, survey completed: 325(91,07%) men and 29(9,89%) Women. 19 no participants responded, 7 participants indicated “different” gender. Of the seven participants, three were most likely either trans men., or trans women.

Country of Residence

The vast majority of participants were from English-speaking countries. Listed below 10 most popular answers:
USA - 185
Not answered - 47
Canada - 23
United Kingdom — 22
Australia - 14
Germany - 8
Belgium — 6
Russia - 6
Spain - 5
Other countries - Switzerland (5 participants), France (3), Italy (3), Netherlands (3), New Zealand (3), Portugal (3) and South Africa (3).

Personality assessment

A 20-question Mini-IPIP was done (Donnellan et al., 2006), created on the basis of the 50-question "International list of personality traits" L. Goldberg (Goldberg, 1999).

Big five:

  • Extroversion: this feature includes such characteristics, how excitability, sociability, talkativeness, self-confidence and a lot of emotional expressiveness. High levels of this trait are associated with a large number of friends., higher life satisfaction and lower rates of mental disorders.
  • Agreement: this dimension of personality includes such attributes, how trust, altruism, kindness, attachment and other prosocial behavior. This measurement is a good predictor of job choice.: acceptable people tend to choose professions, which include caring and nurturing behavior, low competition, for example, nurse, Therapist, Teachers, charity worker or doctor (excluding surgeons). People with low consent, usually, love competition and choose a profession, which require less compassion, such as CEO, lawyer, journalist, policeman or chef. Consent also predicts political views, since nice people tend to be liberal or leftist, while failing people are conservative or right.
  • Good faith: common features of this dimension include a high level of brooding, good impulse control and purposeful behavior. They, who value conscientiousness, tend to be organized and attentive to detail. This trait is good at predicting academic and work success..
  • Neuroticism: people, high-handed, tend to experience emotional instability, anxiety, capriciousness, irritability and sadness. High scores for this measurement are often, but not necessarily, associated with anxiety disorders and depression.
  • The grades of this sample were compared to a larger sample of college students., used to check this individual questionnaire.
  • Extroversion, medium: 2.67, SD: 94, interpretation: low.
    Agreement, medium: 3,46, SD: 87, interpretation: low. Good faith, medium: 2.99, SD: 81, interpretation: low. Neuroticism, medium: 2,93, SD: 83, interpretation: high. Openness, medium: 4,03, SD: 73, interpretation: high.
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Means and standard deviations for the large five personality scales, interpretation (low or high) compared to the reference sample. All differences are statistically significant with mean effect sizes.

Nootropics: use and perception of effects

Participants tried different substances step by step, everything was 63 substances (with nootropic effect). If the participant noted a nootropic effect, then later he was asked to describe the alleged effects after taking this substance.

Perceived Effects

All perceived effects were rated on a seven-point scale.. The following charts summarize the results. Substances are indicated on the Y-axis, highest to lowest average. The dots indicate the average rating for that substance.. Lines indicate 95% confidence interval (CI), thus expressing the uncertainty of the corresponding mean. Broader CIs indicate more variability in responses. The red line indicates a neutral response with the words "no effect". Usually, all average ratings with confidence intervals, crossing the red line, probably, will have no effect. If the bottom (left) end CI above, how, for example, white line for "small magnification", the effects of this substance were estimated to be quite high. It rarely happened. Most substances had ratings somewhere between "no" and "little effect", with some exceptions.

Evaluation of the "pleasantness" of the effect

Most substances were rated somewhere between neutral and mildly pleasant., which indicates, that negative effects are rare for nootropics. Three substances were rated as neutral, but the confidence intervals are extremely large. On the other hand, some substances were rated as more "slightly" pleasant: DMHA, Huperzine A, Selegiline и LSD.


According to answers, anxiety is most effectively reduced by the following substances: L-theanine, thianeptin, CBD, coffee and phenibut. All of these substances are well known for their anxiolytic, calming effects. On the other hand, anxiety is slightly increased by a number of known stimulants, such as methylphenidate, caffeine, adderall and finite group.

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The most pronounced focus / concentration effects have been reported for Adrafinil, Caffeine, Phenylpiracetam(phenotropil), Modafinil, Armodafinil, Methylphenidate и, first of all, Adderall. Melatonin and GABA, seem to be, reduce focus, but slightly.



Few substances have improved memory. When evaluating, in fact, none of these substances has been assessed as leading to greater, than a "slight improvement" of memory.



A group of substances were rated as motivating. Most of them were stimulants. Melatonin, Bacopa monnieri и GABA, seem to be, have a slight negative effect on motivation.



LSD, Tianeptine, Phenibut and Adderall, seem to be, improve mood. Remarkably, that microdoses of LSD have been assessed as effective, comparable to tianeptine, which is an antidepressant.

Nootropic dosage Participants asked for the dosage of nootropics in milligrams, which they have already done. Most of them were able to answer in the required format. Minimum, average and maximum doses for all substances are given below.

Rating of nootropics

Substance Minimum dose in mg The median dose in mg
Maximum dose in mg
L-Theanine 100 200 400
Bakopa 200 300 500
Caffeine 80 200 800
Curcumin 100 500 2500
In Ashgabat 300 500 1200
Rhodiola 50 300 700
St. John's wort 250 575 900
Methylphenidate 10 20 200
Adderal 5 25 60
L-deprenyl 10 10 10
Tyrosine 250 600 9000
N-acetyl-L-tyrosine (Naltë) 60 500 500
Creatine 1250 5000 10000
CDP-choline 150 300 2000
Alpha GPC 125 300 1200
Carnitine / NALC 500 500 1000
Omega 3 300 1375 5000
Magnesium 100 300 1000
Modafinil 5 125 600
Armodafinil 75 150 150
Adrafinil 50 450 900
Piracetam 200 3100 8000
Fonturacetam 75 160 275
Aniracetam 90 800 2400
Oxyracetam 600 800 1500
Pramiracetam 100 700 1600
Coluracetam 15 55 200
Fasoracetam 100 22,5 60
Nefiracetam 250 250 250
Noopept 10 15 20
Semaks 0,1 +0,6 2
Selank 0,1 +0,25 2
Donepezil 1 1 1
Huperzin A 0,085 1 5
Coaxil 10 33 150
NSI-189 5 40 100
Melatonin +0,05 3 30
GABA 100 175 250
5-NTR 5 125 200
Black gray oil 30 265 500
Ginseng 50 325 600
Ginkgo 60 120 250
Nicotine 1 4 36
Sulbutiamine 200 500 1500
Uridine 10 250 600
Sacrosine 2000 2000 2000
Sunifram 10 20 20
BPC-157 +0,01 +0,25 200
Guanfacine 2 2 2
DMHA 150 150 150
LSD Microdose 0,00005 10 25
Hemp oil 10 25 60
PRL-8-53 20 20 20
Agmatine 50 750 2000
Selegilin / Deprenyl 10 10 10
Phenibut 150 1000 3500
Lion's mane 200 800 3000
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