Rising natural gas prices support hedge fund Drury Capital

Recent surge in natural gas prices drives impressive revenues for Drury Capital – American hedge fund, for a long time working on the principle of following trends, led by former grain trader Bernard Drury.

Rising natural gas prices support hedge fund Drury Capital

The company's flagship trend-following strategy has grown by 30% in 2021 year, helped by the recent rise in commodity prices, and the increase in interest rates at the beginning of the year.

The investment portfolio of the fund is evenly distributed between financial and commodity instruments with long and short duration. The strategy made a profit on stock indices, and also due to long rates for aluminum, natural gas, grain, copper and selected fixed income transactions.

Historical movement in coffee prices amid production problems in Vietnam, who suffered from labor shortages, caused by the cuts due to the pandemic, also contributed to the growth of indicators.

At the same time, the multi-strategy for Drury Capital futures, launched last year, also grew by 15,5% year to date.

For comparison, Société Générale Trend-Following Index increased by 9,23%, and another key industry benchmark, SocGen CTA Index, added 6,5%.

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