Five simple secrets of an iron will

Better to get rid of illusions right away. The force loves – not a given, which others have and which you do not have. Certainly, some people are more disciplined and resistant to temptation, than others. But not because, that they have some kind of innate sense of self-restraint or something like that. They just learned to conserve willpower, applying it then, when you really need it.

You, too, have the opportunity to become a man of iron will. Just follow a few simple rules, советует сайт Inc..

1. Limit choices to a minimum

The reserve of psychic energy, which we spend on self-control, tends to deplete. The more often you have to choose – the heavier the load and the sooner we are looking for the shortest (and the lightest) путь (let's call it “Fuck it all!»). We act impulsively and make the wrong decisions., and we are well aware, that we shouldn't accept them, but we can't help ourselves.

This is why limiting your choice will help.. Let's admit, you want to drink less unhealthy soda and more healthy water. Light! Always keep three bottles of water on the table., and then you don't have to run to the refrigerator and choose.

Or, положим, you want to break the habit of constantly checking your email. Easily! Disable all alerts, exit the drawer and look there, for example, once an hour. The bottom line is, to make it harder to access mail, и тогда, probably, you will stop looking there all the time.

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Or another example: you want to be more economical. Move your credit card away or do this, so that only a limited amount can be debited without additional confirmation. Then you will surely think twice, before deciding to buy.

2. Don't leave that for tomorrow, what can be solved today

Decide in the evening, what will you wear in the morning, what to eat for breakfast and what for lunch – and don't forget to cook your meal. Having dealt with such small tasks in advance, you will save mental energy, which will come in handy for the really important decisions of tomorrow. AND, By the way, it's better to decide in the evening, what do you start first of all, coming to work.

The third tip comes in handy here.…

3. Do the hardest first

Here's a fact for you, scientifically proven: parole board members are more likely to make favorable decisions early in the morning, while closer to noon, the number of such solutions tends to zero. Certainly, they are primarily guided by the law, but the "human factor" is also important. Morning vigor is depleted by the middle of the day, and this affects our decisions. So do the hardest things in the morning.

Well, what about the rest of the day then?? And there is an answer:

4. Refresh yourself regularly

An example from the activities of the same judges: after breaks in the consideration of cases and after lunch, the number of favorable decisions increases again. So that, in the language of a culinary specialist, an important ingredient in the recipe for iron will – this is glucose. When its content is lowered, the brain does not stop working, but pays less attention to that, what will bring long-term results.

And speaking of such results…

5. Remind Yourself of Long-Term Goals

Want to lose weight? If your psychic energy is running out, you, probably, so you will "start from tomorrow". Mental fatigue will tell you the easiest way out., which will actually lead you astray.

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Remind yourself of, what do you want or should do for a long time. Someone can attach a sticker to a computer monitor, somebody – own photo in overweight on the refrigerator, etc. Think, when you can quickly abandon the planned, obeying momentary impulses, and set yourself a reminder for this particular time.

In other words, do so, so that the very space around you helps to strengthen willpower on a daily basis. And then, maybe, the result will pleasantly surprise you beyond all expectations.

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