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Alex loves buttons and twists terribly. The keyboard is just happiness, scrolling on the mouse separate ecstasy. Включатьвыключать мониторы, open CD drives, turning off UPS is all at once.

Долго искал способ блокировки клавиарурымыши. I had to stupidly pull out the cords, to give the child enough. Но вот нашёл. BLOCK program. Enough for 1 hold Ctrl + Alt for seconds and everything is blocked. Password lock is removed. Setting the password is a little crooked, but this is done once, so you can close your eyes.

Here's another application: everyone has the problem of shifting the take profit level towards decreasing it. You can negotiate with your spouse (супругом) to set a password you don't know. После входа в позицию и установки тейковстопов — блокируем комп. (: We can only observe. It is important to agree, so that we do not succumb to persuasion at this moment and remove our blocking only after the position is closed. Perversion? Certainly! But it may well help.

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