Blockchain Programmer- the most needed profession of our time

Программист Blockchain- самая нужная профессия нашего времени

The labor market demand for Blockchain software developers is growing. Companies are willing to pay for the services of such professionals.
Blockchain is development, Promote?? thanks to bitcoin, but has great potential, what, maybe, will be used in different applications. Therefore, more employers are looking for professionals, versed in the intricacies of the blockchain network.

The profession of developing a Blockchain network or an application author, who uses this site, is a specialization, which evenly becomes among the most important in the technology and financial sectors. Labor market research indicates, that over the past twelve months the demand for such employees has increased by 200%.

Study of the American site indicates, that the demand for independent Blockchain software developers is almost as high, as professionals, who program robots. Blockchain capabilities can be used more and more often outside the boundaries of cryptographic currencies.
An important advantage of Blockchain technology is the ability to create decentralized databases., protecting?? netizens from different types of crooks. This solution can do better handling of transactions, accounting or authentication.
The potential is huge, therefore companies, who want to experiment with Blockchain technology, ready to pay excellently to specialists in this field. People with the highest ability in the industry can earn 100 dollars per hour.