Prodolzhitsja li rost kripty 103c7cf продолжится ли рост крипты?

Will the growth of the crypt continue??

Продолжится ли рост крипты?

Will the growth of the crypt continue??Will the growth of the crypt continue??This question turns out to be critical at each new stage of the "cryptoralli". One side, no one wants to miss a golden opportunity to make a profitable investment in a growing asset. Other, there is a risk today to buy cryptocurrency at the peak of the price, and next week to lose invested funds due to the general collapse of the market. So the relevance of the issue is more than obvious..

Strictly speaking, the answer depends solely on that, what time period we are considering.

Short-term and medium-term forecasts of the behavior of the cryptocurrency market and the rates of individual currencies are extremely thankless. And sudden for analysts may be not only the collapse of the market., but also the continuation of its growth. for example, Fall 2020 experts expected years, that December is about to repeat itself 2017 with a sharp collapse of the Bitcoin rate, and then the whole market. However, instead, a new round of growth began and a new crypto valley overslid all previous ones.. This happened due to an unexpected surge of interest of institutional investors in cryptocurrencies., who began to actively buy up digital assets.

But in the long run, the future of cryptocurrencies looks extremely interesting..

Innate advantages of cryptocurrencies, which we have discussed in detail here, provide a steady demand for them. And the benefits of decentralization, low transaction cost and availability are not going to disappear anywhere. And in combination with a finite number of coins, the rule "In the long run, the crypt is always growing" is provided by the fundamental laws of the market..

And this is confirmed by the history of the crypto market - each fall is followed by a new rally., which climbs higher than the previous one. In other words, the collapse of the price of cryptocurrency does not mean the loss of funds invested in it - it is enough to wait for some time and the asset will grow even more. But it is likely that, that you will have to wait really long. Full recovery after "crypto winter" 2018 the year took more than two years. That is, it is still worth investing and in fact free funds., and not "take off the last shirt" for the sake of buying any asset.

However, it is necessary to make an important reservation - the rule of "long-term growth" applies only to cryptocurrencies, behind which are the projects, bringing real benefits to their users. A good example of such a cryptocurrency is – the coin relies on an extensive ecosystem with many services. (from investment platform to lottery), where it is used as a means of payment.

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