Altice-owned digital advertising platform Teads withdraws IPO application

Принадлежащая Altice площадка цифровой рекламы Teads отозвала заявку на IPO

Company Teads, spun off from Altice to offer advertisers and publishers a digital ad platform, announced the withdrawal of the appeal for the IPO. Initially, the company applied for attraction 751 million dollars, releasing 38,5 million shares (one hundred percent insider) by cost from 18 to 21 dollar, but in July postponed the location of shares.

Altice-owned digital advertising platform Teads withdraws IPO application

Teads gives an all-encompassing overcast venue, Giving?? possibility of a global controlled ecological system of advertisers, their agencies and publishers have software digital advertising. The company works in a web-ecological system, beyond all marketing platforms, в том числе Фэйсбук и Гугл. According to the situation for April 2021 years the company's customers could cover 1,9 billions of unique users per month.

Company headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, was founded in 2006 year, and for 12 Months, ended 31 Martha 2021 of the year, its sales revenue was 571 million dollars. The company plans to list on the stock exchange Nasdaq under the ticker TEAD. The collective organizers of the issue of shares were to be Goldman Sachs., Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, BNP Paribas and Citi.

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