Risk predisposition

What kind of job would you like more: and, on which they pay a stable small salary or that, not to which the salary is high, but unstable? The answer to this question will allow you to determine your preferences and risk tolerance.. Most practicing short-term traders would like to give up security and stability in favor of higher wages.. Compared to regular occupations, short-term Trading - very risky occupation. In this way, if you don't learn to tolerate risk, you will feel too much excitement and anxiety when trading.

Scientists have conducted a number of studies, to determine the predisposition of people to risk. People with higher levels of risk tolerance tend to be older and more educated. Investors, которые получили свои деньги в наследство или торгуя деньгами дру гих людей, а также те, who have low or medium income, seek to avoid risks.

In addition to the demographic nature of the istik, your personality traits may also be associated with risk tolerance. The search for sensations is a personal trait, which may predetermine the desire to experience risk in some. This term was introduced by the psychologist Marvin Zuckerman. Zuckerman believes, that the search for sensations is a strong need for diverse, new and challenging sensations and experiences. This need is sometimes so strong, what man, who seeks sensation often take risks physically or socially just for the sake of, to get this experience. Sensation seekers are often bored., poet ohmu seek new means, to overcome her. Seeking sensation is not necessarily a bad character trait.. In fact, a moderate level of this desire in a specific context can bring tangible benefits.. Such people often think and act unconventionally..

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They are not afraid to acquire new experiences and are usually original and creative.. They often make new discoveries or discover America.. This feature can be extremely useful in trading., where independent decisions and the ability not to run after the crowd are key success factors. Traders, who want to get new interesting experience, less susceptible to stress, arising from uncertain market conditions or uncertainty in the results of a new trading method. Thus, at a minimal level, the search for sensations helps to adapt to the markets.. However, in its radical form, this trait can be a problem.. For example, когда речь заходит о торговле, seeking sensation is often accompanied by a lack of discipline, making impulsive risky decisions. However, transactions must be carried out calmly and rationally.. Person, sensation-seeking may bargain for excitement, he often gets bored of monitoring a deal, so he makes an impulsive decision, to overcome boredom. Scientific studies have shown, that individuals with a high level of sensation seeking enjoy risky gambling, they bid higher, than persons of aliyah with low risk tolerance. They do it just for that, to get excited. Unhelpful risks often lead to disasters in trading.

Many wise traders take risks, however have sufficient discipline, to develop trading plans and correctly assess risks. They write about this in their research., published in the "Behavioral Financial Journal" Filbeck, Хатфильд и Хорват. For example, although the traditional belief is, that adaptable people, who can act spontaneously cope with risks more easily, these authors found, what are those people, who are more organized and plan their actions, but do not act on a whim, are more likely to prefer risky investments. People with greater risk tolerance also favor objective decision-making and logic over subjective experience.. The more opportunities they have to carefully analyze the situation and determine the level of risk, тем спокойней они чувствуют себя впоследствии. In other words, if you know for sure, what are you risking before opening a position and taking this risk, the easier it is for you to psychologically manage this risk later.

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It is very important to know, how well can you manage risk. Are you looking for risk, fear it or accept it? It is very useful to know the answer to this question..

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