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Emergency equipment supplier Cadre Holdings postpones IPO

5 August company Cadre Holdings, supplying safety and life support equipment for emergency services, announced the decision to postpone the upcoming IPO. The company has applied for attraction 125 million dollars, releasing 7,1 million shares at a price of 16 to 19 dollars. The market capitalization of the company should have been 606 million dollars (15x P/E за 12 months).

Поставщик оборудования для экстренных служб cadre holdings отложил ipo

According to IPO statistics for June and July, Cadre became the sixth company, postponed its IPO in the last two weeks, after Clarios (BTRY), Teads (TEAD), Preston Hollow (PHCC), The Better Being Co. (BBCO) и WCG Clinical (WCGC).

Cadre Holdings operates under the Safariland and Med-Eng brands and manufactures and sells equipment for regulatory authorities, military, sappers, sports shooters and many others. The company's products include body armor, explosive ordnance disposal equipment, uniform, optical instruments, holsters, footwear, firearms, ammunition and crowd control weapons.

The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, was founded in 2012 year, and for 12 months, ended 31 Martha 2021 of the year, its sales volume was 417 million dollars. The company planned to list on the exchange NYSE under the ticker CDRE. Stifel was to become the joint organizers of the share issue, Raymond James, Truist Securities и Stephens Inc.

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