Buying shares in a portfolio / October 2021

Hello! Каждый месяц я покупаю акции на IIS и подробно пишу обоснование покупок. Today I will write about, what stocks did I buy at the end of October, how much and why. Like my work for you!

Buying shares in a portfolio / October 2021

Stocks in portfolioShares in portfolio

First of all, when buying, I determine the amount of purchase of shares. Every month I invest in shares at least 10 thousand rubles. The purchase amount increases only when the MosBirzha index falls. Every 5% falls add additional 10 thousand.

At the moment, there is no need to talk about the fall.. Despite the correction of the MosBirzha index over the past two weeks, at the end of October, the market grew by 1,13%. Another growth of the market does not allow to increase the purchase of shares, therefore, this time the shares are bought for the amount of 10 thousand rubles.

so, Selection of shares, that i bought:

1. Child's world. O yes, despite the company's large debt in the structure of assets, I stubbornly continue to buy shares of this company. Just look at the growth of financial indicators in recent years and quarters of the company, and also study on their website a brief strategy and become clear, why I buy these promotions.

Even the price in 180-200 rubles per share does not look expensive, and this at the same time, that now the shares are worth 136 rub. OK, I will not overestimate the company, because. you need to remember about the huge debt of the company and the lack of equity, and this is a huge risk, if something goes wrong. Although, On the other hand, ability to generate profits, to pay dividends and at the same time grow as a business - and all this on earthly means - speaks of good management quality and professionalism of management.

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2. FSK UES. The electricity sector in recent months shows weak dynamics in stocks, however, it continues to generate stable returns to shareholders in the form of dividends. FSK UES, as well as Unipro and many other electric power industry, – more defensive asset with stable income and dividend indicators. Shares of these companies are less volatile, because. the generation and consumption market is not characterized by strong growth or decline. This market is growing steadily from year to year with the growth of the economy in the long term..

3. X5 Retail Group. Last week, the company's report was released with an increase in net profit for 9 months on 30,7%. Not bad! The Company confirms dividends in the amount of 50 billion. rub. at the end of the year, what gives 184 rub. on GDR. Yield at current prices is approximately 7,6% per annum. Also not bad.! While the stock is on the correction, I type on the same principle, as Children's World. Although there is no predicted dorplex growth because, that the company is already huge and a market leader.

4. Sovcomflot. Purchases of this share are purely pension, ie. for a long period. So far, the company's financial performance is modest and highly dependent on market conditions.. Next year, for this reason, investors are unlikely to see significant dividends.. But we are waiting for the implementation of Novatek's projects in the Arctic, and then Sovcomflot will start transporting Novatek's LNG to consumers, these are new contracts and freight income.

Here, actually, I had such purchases at the end of October. The purchase amount was 10 046,1 rub., что идет в копилку к начальной стоимости покупок акций на IIS – теперь она составляет 444 083,5 rub. - that's the amount I bought shares on IIS for all time.

Basically, when free money appears, I direct them to buy bonds and form a reserve.. If negative events occur in the stock market, then I will increase the purchase of shares just at the expense of reserves.

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