Let's summarize the interim results on the value of Facebook and Twitter shares

Ну что пришла пора сделать некоторые промежуточные выводы по поводу дискуссий о бесперспективности никчемных компаний типа Фейсбук и Тв…

Well, it's time to draw some intermediate conclusions about the discussions about the futility of worthless companies like Facebook and Twitter.. As everyone remembers, there was a lot of controversy and discussion about bubbles, mass insanity, lack of a sense of reality, etc., which occurred both after the initial public offering of Facebook and Twitter shares. Even then I could not stand it and expressed my opinion on this matter as in LJ, so on Spider and Smartlab. In particular, here, for example.

Теперь факты — с начала первичного размещение Twitter shares went up by 51%, and Facebook on 35%. AND, I'm sure, will rise in price several times over the course of several years, how it happened with GOOG, BIDU and others. If, certainly, there will be no bear market, since then all companies will be cheaper. Or rather, this is not even the point, but the fact that this is not a bubble, as many have argued, and the market value at the moment, just like any other stock, even in the real sector, even in virtual.