Coinbase Ventures-Backed Altcoin Soars By 150%

Altcoin Supported by Coinbase Ventures and Digital Currency Group Shows Rapid Growth in 24 hours

Поддерживаемый Coinbase Ventures альткоин за сутки взлетел на 150%

Based on Ethereum project in the field of streaming video Livepeer (LPT) took off to a new record level $100,99, per day adding more 152%. According to the project developers, they are working to create scalable and cost-effective solutions for video content creators:

«Livepeer — it is a scalable developer platform, who want to add a live stream or selected video to their project. Its goal is to improve the reliability of video streaming and reduce the associated costs to 50 time, why Livepeer creates p2p infrastructure, interacting with each other through a platform protected by the Ethereum blockchain "

In October, the company acquired the MistServer media server, created its first NFT and held the world's first concert with the release of NFT-COLLIDE tokens. Thanks to the purchase of MistServer, Livepeer plans to execute its plans faster and become scalable, affordable and reliable project:

"Mission Livepeer — create a worldwide open video infrastructure. Together with MistServer, the project plans to offer a high-quality and low-cost alternative to traditional suppliers, working on expensive cloud platforms of well-known technology companies "

Livepeer raised funding of $31 million from more than a dozen investors, including from Coinbase Ventures and Digital Currency Group. The project itself appeared in 2017 year as a tool to solve the problems of bandwidth cost and video transcoding on the Internet. On the Ethereum network, it was launched in May 2018 of the year.

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