Pochemu kriptovaljuty vygodnee drugih aktivov ad5773b почему криптовалюты выгоднее других активов?

Why cryptocurrencies are more profitable than other assets?

Почему криптовалюты выгоднее других активов?

Cryptocurrencies have already experienced several ups and downs of the crypto market, however, they still remain the most profitable of the legal assets. No area of investment can be compared with cryptocurrencies in terms of profitability. What causes a natural question - why? Is the profitability of crypto investments associated with some of their features or is it all about the "conspiracy of speculators"?

Firstly, cryptocurrencies have a number of important advantages over traditional financial assets. We've talked more about that here. [ link to why cryptocurrencies are needed ]. The main one is the lack of a "decision-making center". That is, cryptocurrencies do not depend on the desires and aspirations of one of the market participants.. Moreover, no one can suddenly issue additional coins - their number is finite and they are issued according to predictable algorithms.

Gradual awareness of these advantages by financial market players (including major players) provides high and, Moreover, ever-growing demand for cryptocurrencies. This, combined with the limited supply due to the finite number of coins, guarantees an increase in the price of the asset..

In this way, the main reason for the profitability of crypto investments lies in their innate characteristics and objective laws of the market..

Secondly, cryptocurrencies are still a new asset class, which gives very serious advantages. And it's not even a simple factor of novelty and curiosity. (although this should not be forgotten), everything is much more serious - not all of those, who is interested in cryptocurrencies, have already purchased them in sufficient quantities. So there are no prerequisites for a decrease in demand..

Moreover, while the process of adoption of cryptocurrencies in various industries and areas of life is still ongoing. So the consumer base of cryptocurrencies is constantly expanding and the number of people, who are interested in them, constantly growing. And recall, number of coins of course.

As a result, projects are of particular value, which do not just allow users to earn cryptocurrency, but also contribute to the expansion of its scope of application, thus increasing the demand for the asset, which investors receive.

A good example of such a project is the Global ecosystem – an investment platform that allows users to earn YUSRA coins., and an extensive and ever-expanding network of services (from lottery to marketplace) provides a continuous growth in the demand for these coins.

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