Pfizer makes money on coronavirus vaccine 37 billion dollars in revenue 2021 year

Pfizer заработала на вакцине от коронавируса 37 млрд долларов выручки в 2021 году

8 February pharmaceutical company Pfizer reported for the fourth quarter of 2021. The company's revenue fell short of analysts' expectations., and PFE shares by the end of the day fell by 3%, to 52 $.

Financial results

Q4 2020 Financial Highlights and Analyst Expectations:

  • total revenue — $23.84 billion (+105%), expectations — $24.12 billion;
  • adjusted earnings per share — 1,08 $ (+152%), expectations - 0,87 $.

Pfizer's revenue doubled on sales of COVID-19 vaccine. They accounted for about half, or 12,5, of $23.8 billion in quarterly revenue. Excluding vaccine, total revenue fell by 2%. Pfizer's fourth quarter of fiscal 2021 is four days shorter, than in 2020. It cost the company about half a billion dollars in revenue..

Annual sales increased by 92%, up to $81.3 billion. Of which $36.9 billion, or 45%, had to get the vaccine.

Net income in the fourth quarter, unadjusted, rose by 4 Times, up to $3.4 billion, adjusted - in 2,5 Times, up to 6.2 billion dollars.

According to company forecasts, in 2022, revenue will increase by 23%, up to 100 billion dollars. Of these, 32 billion will fall on the COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer believes, that the complete disappearance of the coronavirus is unlikely, because it constantly mutates. The company recently began testing a vaccine against the Omicron strain.. Pfizer's research results to be published in the coming weeks.

And in 2022, Pfizer plans to earn $ 22 billion from coronavirus pills. The company developed this drug in November 2021, and in December it was urgently approved by the American regulator. The company stated, that is negotiating the supply of the drug with more than a hundred countries.

Pfizer заработала на вакцине от коронавируса 37 млрд долларов выручки в 2021 году

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