Перспективный альткоин за 4 месяца вырос на 15 000% Перспективный альткоин за 4 месяца вырос на 15 000% 3

Promising altcoin for 4 months increased by 15 000%

Based on Ethereum altcoin in the field of play-to-earn just for 4 Months soared on 15 000%, which helped its capitalization to exceed the mark of $1 billion

Перспективный альткоин за 4 месяца вырос на 15 000%

UFO Gaming Project (UFO) was launched in July and during this period the token rate jumped from the initial level $0,00000035011 on 15 379%, getting to $0,00005418. Only in the last week, the altcoin rate has increased by 150%.

The team behind the project says, that its ecosystem intends to target the community and will include a wide range of unique planets:

"In the case of the discovery of a new planet, the new game will not be long in coming.. Each game will be dedicated to one planet with its own economy.

The team also highlighted UFO Gaming's priorities.:

"UFO Gaming is a decentralized gaming platform, where everyone can choose their favorite genre and earn. Ownership of assets is entirely determined by users. Gaming Assets (NFT and currency) can be transferred from one platform to another. The play-to-earn game economy is transparent and sustainable»

Token holders can earn so-called "plasma points" with the help of staking, and the largest holders have a say in the DAO and can determine the future of the UFO metaverse.

Now the capitalization of the UFO Gaming project exceeds $1,3 billion.

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