Passivnyj dohod skazka ili realnost 226ce6d пассивный доход сказка или реальность?

Passive income fairy tale or reality?

"Passive income" these days sounds almost like a spell.. Some are trying to find a source of such income., others are convinced, that this phrase is practically a "black mark", from which you need to stay as far as possible. But who's right??

It is worth mentioning right away - "passive income" is not "free money" and not "a gift from above", it's just a way to earn without a daily (or just regular) work. "Free cheese" really only happens in a mousetrap, but passive income is quite real.

There are many options for passive income - from the banal "rent out the inherited apartment" to investments and cryptocurrency steaking. In any case, you will have to carry out preparatory work - to put in order the property, find a promising asset for investment and so on. You can relax and just get money later..

Moreover, passive income is always associated with the risk of losing invested funds. Alas, without it in any way. Yes, you can choose less risky investment options, but in most cases they bring very little income.

However, cryptocurrency projects, using steaking and relying on a developed market ecosystem, allow you to significantly increase the amount of income received.

Firstly, stoking allows you to receive coins simply by storing them in your wallet. Strictly speaking, finding a way to make money with less effort will be extremely difficult.

Secondly, demand for cryptocurrency is growing, if it is used on a platform with many popular services, such as YUSRA. Thus, the price of the coin is increased., which not only increases the income from sacking, but also reduces the risks of investors.

Does it mean passive income?, that you need to quit your job and do nothing else at all? In no case - you can never stop looking for new opportunities and professional development.. However, passive income from investing in profitable assets can free up some time for the family and yourself., or provide a "safety cushion" in case of unforeseen.

Пассивный доход сказка или реальность?

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