How to recognize burnout

In studiesCan a self-efficacy-based intervention decrease burnout,increase engagement, and enhance performance? burnout is defined as: cynicism + the sense of alienation + fatigue.

For example, you need to prepare a report for the conference. A cynical attitude can manifest in thoughts like "I will not be able to perform well". You will want to move away from the problem and do not look at their records. In the end, the preparation for the speech you very tire, although the day you make a little.

There are such symptoms:

  • Temporary, but a significant decline in perseverance. For example, you rehearsed the speech and somewhere misspoke or forgot to tell the most important. So upset you, that you for a few days threw the training.
  • Wrap yourself. You begin to think: "What if I make the same stupid mistake at the conference? What, if I screw up all public appearances? What, if I make a mistake in life and die.?"